Mercedes cars in India: Cheapest to the most expensive

 Mercedes-Benz is well known for its luxury and performance cars in India. There are several models sold by the brand in the Indian market. Here in this blog, you will get to know about several Mercedes cars in India that are available as follows:

Mercedes C-Class

Mercedes c class price
The C-Class is the cheapest luxury saloon sold by the brand in India

The Mercedes C-Class is the entry model based on the luxury king S-class. Features are available in decent amounts and there are three engine options on offer. If you are planning to buy it, the pricing starts at 57.14 lakhs and goes till 62.69 lakhs for the diesel AMG.

Mercedes GLC

Mercedes glc price
The Mercedes GLC SUV is the cheapest SUV by Mercedes in India

The Mercedes GLC features both coupe and SUV styles in India. The GLC SUV is the cheapest SUV by Mercedes in India and also sells very much. It is a very phenomenal SUV and in terms of features, Mercedes' latest MBUX system is also available on offer. Two engine options borrowed from the C-Class sedan are there on offer with the GLC. The pricing for the petrol version is 66.25 lakhs (on-road, Gurugram) and goes to 72.85 lakhs (on-road, Gurugram) for the diesel version.

Mercedes E-class

Mercedes E Class Saloon
The E-Class is a premium executive sedan between the S-Class and the C-Class

The Mercedes E-Class is a very stylish premium sedan loved by Indians in India. This saloon sits well between the entry-level Merc being the C-Class and the luxury king S-Class. It can be called one of the best Mercedes cars in India because you will fall for it once you see it from every angle. There are two petrol and diesel engines on 0ffer and the E63 AMG is the most powerful E-Class ever made. The pricing for the car starts at 72.51 lakhs and goes to 1.63 crores.

Mercedes C-Class Cabriolet

Mercedes C Class Cabriolet
The C Class cabriolet is absolutely mind-boggling 

The C-Class Cabriolet is the convertible version of the C-Class sold in the Indian market. Instead of using the same petrol engine as the sedan version, the convertible version gets a more powerful petrol engine. It's available only in the petrol version which starts at 75.62 lakhs. A 9-speed automatic gearbox like the C300d AMG line sedan is on the offer with the car.

Mercedes GLC Coupe

mercedes benz glc coupe
The GLC also gets a coupe version which looks very attractive

If you are a person who loves sporty looking coupes, the GLC Coupe is a sportier car than one can pick over the SUV version. It was earlier available only in the AMG version but now can own the Mercedes badge with less maintenance too as instead of AMG, the standard petrol and diesel engines are also available. Over the standard version, the AMG gets a selectable exhaust system and AMG dynamic select modes. Massage seats at the front add great convenience to the car. To own it, the pricing is available as follows:
  • GLC Coupe 300 4Matic: 76.89 lakhs
  • GLC Coupe 300d 4Matic: 78.11 lakhs
  • GLC 43 AMG: 94.18 lakhs

Mercedes V-Class

mercedes v class price in india
The V-Class van is a very popular luxurious van

The Mercedes V-Class is a luxury van that has no direct rivals in India in the segment. Popular celebrity Jacquiline Fernandes also owns this luxury van as this is one of her vehicles that are there in her Garage. There is only a diesel engine on the offer. The pricing starts at 81.98 lakhs which goes to 1.68 crores.

Mercedes GLE

mercedes gle india
The Mercedes GLE sits above the GLC in the SUV lineup in India

The Mercedes GLE SUV sits above the GLC in the SUV lineup for India. Several safety features like Blind spot assist, Active braking assist, 360 camera, etc. are present on the GLE. Mercedes's latest MBUX system is also there on offer with natural voice assist and contactless control systems. The price has a starting of 89.02 lakhs for the base version.

Mercedes E-Class All-Terrain

Mercedes e class all terrain off road
The All-terrain version is the off-roading version of E-Class

The E-Class also gets an Estate version globally which is known as All-Terrain due to better off-road capabilities. There is a ground clearance of 156 mm on offer and it's available with a 4-Matic drive system. There is only a diesel version on offer that is priced at 89.01 lakhs.

Mercedes C-Coupe

The C-Class is stellar in its coupe version

The C-Class Coupe has two variants on offer. The C43 AMG is available with a 3-litre V6 petrol engine with twin turbos on offer. In the top of the line variant, the C63 AMG gets a 4-litre V8 engine that features twin turbos but it's crazy more than the C43. If you want to buy this for your track days, the pricing is as follows:
  • C43 AMG Coupe: 92.61 lakhs
  • C63 AMG Coupe: 1.60 crores

Mercedes CLS

mercedes cls price in India
The CLS has great looks but it's not for petrolheads

The CLS is one of the Mercedes cars in India that diesel heads will love. This offers very advanced comfort and safety features. There is only a 300d variant with a diesel engine on offer that costs around 99.74 lakhs.

Mercedes EQC

2020 mercedes eqc
The EQC is the first-ever offering by the brand in India

The EQC was the first premium electric SUV offered by the brand in India. An 80 kWh battery powers the SUV that claims a range of 400 Kilometers. This SUV is perfect for those who are environment friendly. If you are one of them then you need to pay 1.20 crores for the SUV.

Mercedes GLS

Mercedes GLS 450 price in india
The GLS never fails to impress its buyers

The GLS is a very humongous SUV due to its large dimensions due to which you may not call this your everyday driver around the Indian traffic and narrow streets. Features like five-zone climate control, memory package seats, AIRMATIC suspension, etc. are impressive in the car.  You can own this in petrol or diesel as per choice by paying 1.21 crores.

Mercedes GLE Coupe

mercedes gle coupe
The GLE is insane in its coupe version

The GLE Coupe has no standard version in India. This model sits above the made in India AMG car GLC 43 AMG Coupe. In the GLE 53 AMG, there are 53 ESP modes and the drive system is a 4-wheel drive system making it a phenomenal machine. The pricing for this model starts at 1.27 crores. 

Mercedes S-Class

The S-Class sedan looks very luxurious

The S-Class is a luxury saloon positioned above the E-Class in India. This saloon is directly in competition with the BMW 7-series due to its luxury as it gets many luxurious features on offer. The pricing starts from 1.63 crores and goes till 3.18 crores depending on the variant you are opting for as per your choice.

Other Mercedes cars in India

Mercedes has planned several new models for India. Other than the above models, there are cool cars like G-Class, GT63s, AMG GTR and S-Coupe which the brand has launched in India. The GT63S is the fastest Mercedes in India which has the best performance on offer whereas the S-Coupe is the one which is most expensive in India.


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