BMW 3 Series Petrol Test Drive Review

Any car that has a soul for driving has its worth when it features a BMW badge on the bonnet. Those who once drive a BMW in their life will forever become a BMW lovers for the pleasure it gives to car enthusiasts. Are you planning for a new BMW 3 series petrol and looking forward to a joyous driving experience? Here we have a first-drive impression of the premium sedan.

BMW 3 Series Petrol Exterior Design

BMW 3 series petrol
Image Source: BMW India

There is something special about the design of the BMW cars in terms of the design language that feels lacking on the present BMW cars. I personally loved the design of the 3-Series Gran Limousine as any day, it's better than current BMW cars in India. We do have the BMW 7-series in India but that doesn't look as iconic as the 3-series Gran Limousine. The thing that's captivating about the 3-series is actually the kidney grille of the car and also the headlights. It's undoubtful to say that the 3-Series looks stellar from the exterior.

BMW 3 series Petrol
Image Source: BMW India

Manufacturing a luxury car is just easier but it's difficult to compete with the design of the 3 Series and that's what makes me like the design of the car. The 3 series doesn't get any request sensor on the door handles which is something common with the German cars sold in the market. BMW should focus on their epic designs as I don't like the new designs that they are introducing in the market. It's just my personal opinion otherwise the brand does make phenomenal cars.

BMW 3 Series petrol
Image Source: BMW India

Now, here I appreciate BMW for the design of the taillights on their cars that look absolutely stellar on the rear. If there is one thing that BMW improved then the taillights surely look better than the previous BMW cars. I wish they continue making stellar designs like this beast for markets across the globe.

Interior Design of the 3-Series

Image Source: BMW India

Just ignore the exterior for the moment and get inside the car to get the true feeling of a German sedan. BMW does give a special feeling when it comes to sitting inside the car. The interior has some improvements like a massive touchscreen that's just epic in terms of design and the quality of display. This new touchscreen does have a better user interface and feels responsive to use. Those who are music lovers will fall in love with the Harman Kardon system of the car. Here, I would advise you to just experience the car yourself and you will just end up owning the beast. I just fell in love with the interior design when I just saw the interior of the 3-Series. How can BMW make such phenomenal cars? The answer is that they make you feel passionate about the brand and the cars.

Image Source: BMW India

Here, we all will agree with the improvement of the cabin space on this long-wheelbase variant of the car. Those who want the chauffeur to drive the car can sit back and relax at the rear of the car. The rear cabin space although doesn't matter as a BMW is about the front seat rather than the rear seat.

Drive Impressions of the Beast

Image Source: BMW India

Driving a BMW 3-Series was just like a memorable experience as I drove other cars but nothing can match the performance of the 3-Series especially when it's a turbo. The BMW 3-Series does come with twin turbochargers due to which the engine is just crazy in performance. Just pull the car into the Sport mode and then the acceleration will become brutal on accelerating the car. Those who drive mostly in cities will appreciate performance in the comfort mode. The comfort mode has sufficient power delivery in the cities however, it lacks the craziness of the sport mode. It also features a torque-converter gearbox that's not just smooth but also faster in terms of shifts. Anytime, my preference would be the 3-series over any car for the way it pulls in terms of performance. Another thing one can appreciate is the sharper bite from the brakes of the car.

BMW 3-Series Ride and Handling

Image Source: BMW India

A BMW car is incomplete if it doesn't have the driving feel of a BMW badge in terms of dynamics and body control. I haven't seen such body control on any car in the segment because of the heavier steering wheel. Its steering feels so connected that I feel like pushing it harder and faster around the corners. One should learn from the body how to make a car with brilliant body control. Just push this beast a little harder and still there will be no body roll inside the car. This is the level of confidence that you can expect from a BMW 3-Series which has no understeer and feels connected to the driver. That's the benefit you get when you are driving a car with a Rear-Wheel-Drive configuration.

I would appreciate your opinions about the BMW 3 Series petrol or any other car that I review on my blog. So feel free to write to me about your opinions in the comments section.

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