Skoda Slavia review: An enthusiast's soul of driving

The Skoda Rapid that was available in the Indian market is about to be discontinued in sometime.  Skoda had recently rolled out the Skoda Slavia which is the replacement to the aged but legendary machine Rapid. A lot of changes have been made and here is a review about the new Skoda Slavia.

Skoda Slavia Exterior

Skoda Slavia white
The Skoda Slavia white colour looks very much striking

The Skoda Slavia takes its inspiration from the family design language of Skoda cars also seen in the Rapid. If there was one sedan that was awaited then Slavia was a very much awaited sedan. The looks are something might not attract everyone but some people will surely spread the love for the car. 

Skoda Slavia ground clearance 2021
The Slavia is the sedan that catches a lot of attention

If there is one thing that impress a lot then surely the Skoda Slavia has a very impressive design. Alloy wheels of the sedan just doesn't look boring and that acts as a great styling element. The design might look inspired from the Skoda Rapid a little bit but its way more fresh in terms of looks. Chrome elements have been very well integrated with the looks of the car which adds to the premium appeal. 

Skoda slavia red
Rear taillights of the car have a great appeal

The older symbolic logo is replaced with the text type Skoda badging which is just very much amazing thing. Taillights do grab a lot of eyeballs making it an appealing sedan that great road presence of young car buyers and car lovers. If there is one colour to be picked then Skoda Slavia red colour can be a great choice for sporty look lovers but the white is also a great option.

Skoda Slavia interior

Skoda Slavia carbon steel
The cabin space doesn't give a claustrophobic feeling

The Slavia comes with a lot of features like a fully digital virtual cockpit and a bigger infotainment system. Steering wheel is a two-spoke unit that shoots the car into future. A lot of premium appeal has presence inside the car making it a car with a phenomenal interior. A person would not at all feel trapped due to openness complimented by beige interior and bigger windows. 

Skoda Slavia
The rear cabin is very much suitable for average height passengers

The rear cabin has now gone very much spacious with ample amount of headroom and legroom on the offer. Under thigh support doesn't feel lagging. A person would surely choose the Slavia over Verna if he or she wants to be chauffer driven. Seats are also now very much comfortable due to the cushioning offered to ensure better comfort.

Skoda Slavia Performance

There is no turbocharged engine that can honestly fair against a TSI motor. Both the 1-liter TSI and the 1.5-liter TSI petrol engines have great performance on the offer. If one needs full energetic driving then anyday its the 1.5-liter petrol engine that has the best performance. A true driving is something you get when you have a stick shifting manual gearbox and the Slavia has it standard. If you are tired in cities then surely go DSG as that just has very fast shifts.

Skoda Slavia safety

A lot would be thinking if Skoda comprised on build quality of Slavia and the answer is that there is no compromise. Build quality is still what you expect from German engineering and safety features like 6 airbags and other safety goodies are there on offer. The build of the car is what you will understand when you close and open door and a thud makes ringer to your years.


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