Maruti Baleno 2022 accident shows built quality of car

 The Maruti Baleno 2022 recently met with an accident. It had shown the performance of safety to save a family. Here some of the details about the Maruti Baleno 2022 accident showcasing its build quality.

Recently, a youtuber Nikhil Rana has leaked a video of the major accident. The car that was damaged was the Zeta version with 6 airbags. Maruti Suzuki offers Zeta and Alpha variants with 6 airbags and a lof of safety. Families that were victims of the accident are also now on a safer side without any major scratches. There were three children travelling with their grandmother and father who didn't face any major injuries. The speed of the car was around 80-90 Kmph which lost control and faced rollover after clash with divider.

Is Maruti Baleno 2022 safe?

Baleno facelift price
The Baleno is better than before in safety

A wise man once said that never judge a book by it's cover. When major accidents of Kia Seltos were leaked, people thought it as a safe car. Global NCAP then tested Kia Seltos and it showed very poor performance. It's not wise to say that Maruti Baleno 2022 is a very safer car. It's surely a great thing that top variants come equipped with 6 airbags. The Indian government should surely urge manufacturer for safer cars in India. Tata motors often trolled on unsafe cars which was a necessity for improving safety in cars. It's better that one should wait for Global NCAP crash tests as that would prove its results.

How much can the Maruti Baleno 2022 score in Global NCAP?

The Maruti Baleno 2022 can do well as per its recent performance. If Global NCAP conducts a crash test then it may score ratings equivalent to cars like Ford Figo or Maruti Ignis. The Ford Figo scored three stars but still it did well in real life accidents due to high Global NCAP rating. There is a glimpse that gives an idea from recent Maruti Baleno 2022 accident that there are chances of better results.

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