Audi A4 2021 Review : Stellar entry level saloon

 The Audi A4 is the most entry-level saloon for those looking forward to owning an Audi badge. It is the car enthusiasts will love due to its looks. Audi makes great luxury cars due to which they rock in India. Here you will get a detailed review of the Audi A4 that is very popular due to its price and Audi badge.

Audi A4 Exterior

Audi A4
The entry-level saloon rocks

The Audi A4 has great looks on offer as their signature lights worked well with its looks. If you want better looks than the technology pack has better looks due to the better-looking grille on offer. Audi's dynamic LED lights are present on the car at both front and rear.

Audi A4 price
The Technology pack has better alloys on offer

The side profile takes inspiration from elder siblings like the A6 and the A8. There are clean silver alloy wheels on offer that look basic in comparison to what the technology pack offers but don't disappoint much in looks.

Audi A4 price in India
The LED taillamps contribute well to the signature look

Audi's signature LED taillamps with floating indicators to make it a phenomenal sedan to have in a garage. There is no other manufacturer that makes their cars gorgeous but not like Audi. The Audi A4 is a great example of Audi that represents its beauty even in the entry-level segment.

Audi A4 interior

Audi A4 interior
There is no virtual cockpit in the Premium Plus variant

The interior of the new Audi A4 is now better than the previous version as it looks more modern and has a sportier appeal from some angles. One thing that makes it sportier is the flat-bottom steering wheel. A big floating touchscreen is on the offer over the previous version that was earlier a bummer. The Virtual cockpit being the signature feature of the Audi A4 is reserved only for the Technology pack. A big multi-information display is offered with analog speed dials in the premium plus variant. 

Audi A4 mileage
There is great viability from the inside on offer

The cabin of the car does not offer a claustrophobic feeling due to the presence of large windows. A little bit more headroom could have been added otherwise under-thigh support and seating comfort are great. 

Audi A4 performance

 The Audi A4 does a decent job in terms of performance when compared with other cars in the segment. It is not a perfect enthusiast car but offers a blend of both luxury and performance. If you are a guy who wants features without compromise on performance then Audi A4 does a great job otherwise 3-series is better for more performance due to better power to weight ratio and presence of rear wheel drive.

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