Starting an automobile blog in 2021

There are several people who do not have an idea about starting an automobile blog. Automobile niche is itself very competitive that a lot of backlinks and Domain authority is required. If you think what are these terms then surely this post will answer your queries.

Choosing a platform

There are a lot of platforms that would help you start your own Automobiles blog or website however the most popular among them are surely blogger and wordpress. Blogger is a free platform where you just need to get a domain name and start blogging however wordpress is just much better in customisation however both domain and hosting are required. Starting with would surely be a better choice and after sometime you can upgrade to a hosting which will make your website responsive. Blogger has customisation but bugs are often there resulting in not very great customisation.

Picking up a right domain

If you personally ask about which domain to pick then surely better go for a .com domain or a .in domain. Our website uses a .in domain that is great for Indian traffic but .com would be surely better as that would get you international traffic too whereas .in is a great alternative domain that would work for Indian traffic.
A lot of service providers like GoDaddy and BigRock are there so search domain by the name you want and then brand your website accordingly. Don't go for domain that has numbers, dashes or even alphabet repeating.

Driving traffic on website

When I personally started, I didn't have very much idea but researched well and now running the website where you are reading this post. Share your posts on Facebook and then start moving towards platforms slowly like Pinterest, Instagram and other media as that's something which will surely work well for growth. Search engine might not always rank your posts due to high competition but social media will surely get you traffic. Other things that can get you traffic is surely creating a backlink. Backlink is actually a link that will drive traffic from others site to your website. If you think it's tough then surely not that much tough if the comment section gives an option to enter link of website with your name and email. Before creating a comment backlink, you should focus on how you can add a valuable point. Don't just write "Thank you for sharing this Post", " first comment" and "nice post" but write something knowledgeable related to that topic. Backlinks are the ones that do help build domain authority increasing your chances of ranking. Focus on SEO but keep sharing on social media for better traffic. I am not an SEO expert but surely someone who is already owning a blog where you are reading this post.

Monetization of the website

There are advertising networks that you will see but the best one is surely Google Adsense which gives approval to websites that have content that has value and responsiveness is also great. Adsense approval might not be immediate but keep improving and then apply again. Other ways would surely be affiliate marketing but surely you need to research on how to do that. I would personally suggest that start because you love to express your passion for Automobiles.

Demonstrate yourself on forums

I am personally a part of FKR Tribe after Faisal Khan sent me an invite on my request and I do post my opinion. If you are also a part of Automobile forums then you can surely interact with a lot of Automobile enthusiasts which will even help you improve your knowledge. Don't spam on forums your website links but do write genuine opinions and whatever interests you in Automobile niche. Other forums like Drivetribe will also give you exposure and visitors might come to your automobile blog if you have a great ability to demonstrate your passion. Don't think that if you are not an engineer and can't be an automobile enthusiast. Even I am also pursuing law as a proffesion but still Automobile interests me so of course here you are also seeing this article here on my site.

Hoping the post helps you start your own automobile blog. All the best and may all those reading this post gain success.

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