Electric Vehicle Charging Options: Home vs Public Charging

 In the era of electric vehicles, numerous customers have a concern about the charging options for their vehicles. Some of the charging options include the home charging stations and the public charging stations. This made an impact on manufacturers to provide customers the option of home charging. Some new electric vehicles are also coming with connected car tech to detect the nearest public charging station. The question is is home charging better or public charging? Let’s explore which electric vehicle charging options will benefit a customer.

Role of the Electric Vehicle Charging Options

Electric vehicle charging options

The charging stations will be a benefit for those who are concerned about the charging of their EVs. Since ICE vehicles are being discontinued, most buyers are shifting towards electric vehicles. This is something that buyers have in mind how will they be able to charge their vehicles.

Electric Vehicle Charging at Home

electric vehicle charging at home

In India, many OEMs are offering installation of home chargers so that customers can get convenience from their homes. Those who are buying a new electric vehicle can get a home charger installed in their parking spaces or their garages. Home charging stations are the ones that reduce the hassle of looking for an electric charging station in a public space. There are also some drawbacks that home charging has as follows:

  • Home charging requires a dedicated parking space for the setup. In case there is no dedicated parking slot then one has to still look for public charging stations.
  • The addition of the ownership cost is another bummer as the setup of charging also incurs additional costs. In contrast, public charging is better if someone wants to escape the cost of setup for the home charging.
  • Charging speed is another concern as home chargers are not as fast as public charging stations.

Electric vehicle charging at public

Those who don’t have a dedicated parking space can use public charging stations for their electric vehicles. The Government of India and enterprises like Tata Power already are working together to improve electric vehicle charging in public places. In contrast to the home chargers, public charging stations have a higher speed of charging which is suitable for long-distance travel. While public charging is feasible, it does come with some drawbacks as follows:

  • There is a challenge of limited availability that one has to encounter with public charging stations. Although cars are getting equipped with connected car technology, there will be still a requirement to improve public charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.
  • One has to wait for a longer duration for the charging of electric vehicles. This may not be a problem at present but will become after an increase in the EVs on the roads.
  • Not all the locations come with fast chargers which is a problem and can only be addressed after the infrastructure improvement.

Home Charging v Public Charging: The Final Conclusion

In conclusion, both the home charging and the public charging have their own advantages and disadvantages. Those who are looking for overnight charging and travel shorter distances can prefer home charging. Public charging is better for short-distance travel and also a benefit for those who can’t set up home chargers due to a lack of dedicated parking spaces.

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