Tata Nano as a dream

How Nano became a dream project for Ratan Tata??

There used to be a time when two wheelers were preferred more than a four wheeler.Safety was an aspect Indians never used to care about as there were many people who used to adjust with 5 people on a two wheeler leading to many accidents.Ratan Tata being the CEO of tata motors planned to develop an economical car that would fall under price bracket of a two wheeler price.Nano was a car which came in direct competition with the Maruti 800 that was a little on the expensive side.

How it had looked like??

Nano was much bigger than Maruti 800 but had a smaller bonnet with a smaller engine under the hood.When launched there was no passenger ORVM on offer making it inexpensive and wheels didn't get wheel caps which later the Genx version got.

In terms of looks the Nano looked very boxy from the side but looking as a city car it was a perfect car for many people.Later on new kind of rims were also offered on the Genx Nano.

In terms of rear maruti 800 could not beat it but after Alto was launched the looks got better than Nano but still Nano's rear looked a little like the the first generation tata Indica.

What's inside the car??

Peeping inside the cabin of the Nano it used to often decent amount of headroom than the maruti 800 at the budget it came under and considering the design.

There used to be plastic all around inside the car especially the steering that used to come with a manual automatic transmission was something which was offered in the Genx Nano as the easy shift and later convenience features like power steering,front power windows,etc. were also introduced for an enhanced convenience.
The cabin used to be very spacious than the maruti 800 and as an economical car it was a perfect choice to the buyers.

What's under the hood??

The tata Nano used to come with a 624cc 2 cylinder petrol engine mated to 4 speed manual transmission that generated 37bhp horsepower and 51nm of torque.It used to claim a mileage of 23.6kmpl which made a perfect city car that could bring smiles on your faces wondering around city however being a tata car there were several questions on reliability which jammed people's mind and due to lack of safety features people started complaining about it otherwise this was much better than Maruti 800 and maruti Alto.

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