Skoda Octavia Review: Czech luxury with a lot of fun

The Skoda Octavia used to be very popular for its fun to drive character amongst enthusiasts. When the new generation entered India, there were a lot of changes made to the car. Here is the Skoda Octavia review which is purely based on personal opinion.

Skoda Octavia exterior

Skoda Octavia
The Skoda Octavia variant in the pic is the style variant

The Skoda Octavia is no doubt a cherry on the cake in term of its looks. Headlights of the car do remind of its siblings due to the family design in the Czech marvel. Front grille do look awesome and doesn't give a polarizing feeling unlike modern cars. There are a lot of cars that look polarizing in looks but that's surely not the case with the Skoda Octavia. 

Skoda Octavia modified
Alloy wheels on the car do look very simple but stylish

The new Skoda Octavia gives an appeal of a Skoda Superb in terms of the looks as both cars almost have very similar looks. Alloy wheels on the style variant have a very basic appeal but still they look stylish due to simple styling. A requirement of stylish looking sedan is being fulfilled by the luxury sedan. Just ignore the brand value and you will just absolutely forget about premium brands. Skoda should keep continuing like this with excellent designs due to their appealing cars.

Skoda Octavia new price
The Octavia kind of reminds about Audi cars with its taillights

When you closely observe the taillights, you can clearly see an inspiration here from Audi cars like the Audi A4 due to matrix type taillights on the offer. Skoda badging does have the brand name but the logo is present on the inside of the car.

Skoda Octavia interior

Skoda Octavia old
The Skoda Octavia old was gold but new is diamond

On the inside, the new Octavia does have a lot of equipment like a digital instrument cluster and a floating touchscreen. Ambient light is present as an option on the new Octavia. Certain features like Ventilated seats and 360 Camera are absent. Skoda should offer both these features as that will make it even a great package. Interior doesn't feel claustrophobic due to large windows and beige interior.

Skoda Octavia with Sunroof
Nice car for a chauffer driven person but needs a sunroof

The rear seat comfort is same like Skoda Superb. A great option if one needs to hand over car to the chauffer. It's a perfect car for a family of four people. Getting fifth person has no sense when you have a rear centre armrest. Under thigh support and headroom is decent for a healthy adult. 

Skoda Octavia performance

The performance is no doubt what one needs from a TSI motor. It's a car that would bring a smile on the face. One thing would be a miss is the stick shifting gearbox. Driving with stick shifts is fun however future is automatic. Manuals would be a miss but automatic is convenient. Those who need convenience is a luxury sedan must opt for Octavia. One thing is a need is Octavia RS. An RS version is the love of an enthusiast. The Octavia doesn't have direct competition and it's best in it's segment.

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