Toyota Fortuner 2020: Rugged and fun SUV!!

 The Toyota Fortuner 2021 had experienced many changes when it was launched in India. When it was launched back in 2009, it had a very different fan following. The Toyota Fortuner 2020 is the one which is the pre facelift of the current facelift we got in India and be it any model but Fortuner was always a very phenomenal car. Keep reading here the review of the Fortuner if you are also a Fortuner fanboy.

Toyota Fortuner Exterior

Toyota fortuner
The second generation got bold and rugged with generation change

When the first generation was launched, it got bookings in large amount by Indian customers but in the second generation, the Toyota Fortuner 2020 still rocked. It can be called the elder and bolder brother of Innova Crysta as it's based on Innova's platform but is more capable than that car. It's looks tell a lot about it's capabilities as even before facelift, it locked very bold and appealing even from the front.

toyota fortuner 2020
Nothing much had changed in 2020 except for some cosmetics like new alloys in facelift 

When we talk about the king of SUVs then of course it's the Fortuner that even managed to outsell it's competitors which even includes the Ford Endeavour too that competes with the car. The 2021 model still resembles the Toyota Fortuner 2020 but it's more stylish in looks however this pre-facelifted model too also never lacked on appeal.

toyota fortuner price
Toyota should have focused on bringing new products instead of rebadging cars

The SUVs like Fortuner and Land Cruiser were great products and when coming to rear section, the designing is also just mind-boggling but unfortunately they are focusing on rebadged products despite having great capabilities. The bolder looks of the Fortuner attracts great road presence when it gets noticed in looks.

Toyota Fortuner Interior

toyota fortuner interior
The Toyota Fortuner interior was awesome and for awesomeness it got updated in facelift

In the Toyota Fortuner 2021, the interior got updates which got just better than the pre-facelift but the previous one too didn't look very outdated. The above pic is of pre-facelift as the facelifted model got a better touchscreen and new features too. Earlier, the Endeavour and Gloster were better in features sue to which Toyota updated it and made it a more stronger competitor.  

toyota fortuner price in india
It's not perfectly a 7-seater but a perfect SUV for off-roading

The second row of the car is very spacious and  a person will never feel claustrophobic due to larger windows and better headroom and legroom on offer. It's third is suited for those who have less height as space is not as great as second row. Ground clearance of the car is also very high due to which off-roading would not be a problem but one needs to climb to reach the interior which is not a major problem for younger people but it might be a problem for senior citizens.

Toyota Fortuner Performance

The Toyota Fortuner 2020 has already a greater weight on the offer that resulted in not so great performance. It's diesel engine capacity had never been upgraded from a 2.8-litre due to which it was lacking in performance. This issue was later on resolved in the facelift that it recieved with more power and torque in diesel 4-wheel-drive variant. The Ford Endeavour and Gloster being major competitors did better than this before it was upgraded. In the Endeavour, there is a 10-speed automatic gearbox due to which its power delivery is efficient than Fortuner which has 6-speed Automatic gearbox. If it got an 8-speed gearbox than it would have been even better otherwise but still a thanks to Toyota for increasing diesel engine's capability.

Final Verdict

If you are an enthusiast then opt for the diesel otherwise petrol is perfect for short runs. It's not a car focussed towards families so it's advisable to prefer Innova for family use otherwise for going off-road, this car is perfect and also a reliable product.

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