Skoda kushaq Monte Carlo review

The actual excitement of a car never comes by what luxuries it's loaded with or what kind of features it has on offer. The excitement of a car only comes with the driving pleasure that it gives to an enthusiast. Recently, I came across the Skoda Kushaq which just impressed me a lot. If you want to get yourself the Kushaq then read my Skoda Kushaq Monte Carlo review for a better understanding before the purchase.

Skoda Kushaq Monte Carlo exterior

Skoda Kushaq monte carlo review
Skoda Kushaq Monte Carlo review

The Kushaq Monte Carlo edition is just absolutely an eye-catcher in looks. Be it the Kushaq or even older Skoda cars but traditional butterfly grilles are still not outdated. The LED DRLs on headlamps are giving it a very awesome look. Halogen headlights are these days an old fashion thing that is replaced by LED projector lights. Skoda cars are known to still look macho which is not the case with Hyundai cars. 

Kushaq Monte Carlo edition
Skoda Kushaq Monte Carlo edition

The Monte Carlo edition has a great appeal in the red color. Anyday if I am given a cho ice, my preference would surely be Kushaq over Creta in looks. Some people would like Creta but the Kushaq has a better appeal. Skoda has offered a new style of alloy wheels on the Monte Carlo edition which just have a nice ringer to the design. 

Skoda Kushaq user reviews
Skoda Kushaq user reviews

The taillights which the Kushaq gets are similar to its other cars like Slavia from the rear. These taillights just don't look polarizing and have a sharper and more balanced design. Those looking to buy Creta must consider the Kushaq for its better design. Let's forget about the Kushaq but if you even see other Skoda cars, they have better looks when compared to Hyundai cars.

Skoda Kushaq Monte Carlo Interior

Skoda Kushaq pros and cons
Skoda Kushaq pros and cons

The Kushaq Monte Carlo edition gets a fully digital instrument cluster and also a 10-inch touchscreen system. Many people complain about the interior but personally, I didn't feel the interior was on the cheaper side. When I personally saw the two-spoke steering wheel, I was just impressed by the steering design.  One thing which will take time to get used to is the wiper switches. The Kushaq gets a wiper switch on the right side and indicators on the left side which may initially sound weird but I don't think you would complain after owning it for a long time.

Review of Skoda Kushaq
Review of Skoda Kushaq

There is a lot of space for rear passengers but personally, it may not matter as car enthusiasts would never want to be chauffeur driven in a powerful car. A person with an average height has a lot of headroom and legroom. The rear seat gets cupholders so no doubt you can chill with your cold drinks in your comfort.

Skoda Kushaq Monte Carlo performance

I have personally seen a lot of people complaining about air conditioning but personally, I found cooling to be adequate. You just don't worry about cooling and enjoy the 1.5-liter TSI motor which has a lot of grunt on the offer. I drove the 1,5-liter petrol with DSG gearbox and the Kushaq impressed me very well.  The gearshifts are very much faster due to which you get the right gearshift at right time. If you have questions about handling then it's a great handler in cities and steering is also very accurate. The 1.5-liter engine is so refined that my eardrums also felt relaxed and I was just enjoying the drive. Skoda tuned the suspension so well that I didn't feel any noise while taking it on speed breakers. If someone wants an immediate braking response then that's a department where Kushaq will never give any kind of disappointment. You just don't test drive as you will end up buying it.

Skoda Kushaq Monte Carlo safety

In terms of safety, the Kushaq is right now the safest car you can buy in India. This car scored five stars in Global NCAP for both adult and child safety with just dual airbags that is just better than other cars in the competition. Those who say Tata and Mahindra make safe cars then the Kushaq is way ahead right now in safety. Build quality will make you feel like you own a tank. I would always recommend a car like Kushaq because some competitors get a lot of features but lack safety. 

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