McLaren 720S: What to expect in India?

 McLaren is very popular supercar manufacturer in the international market that has recently made it's debut in India. In the Indian product lineup, we have cars like McLaren 720S and the McLaren GT. The prices for the McLaren Artura are yet to be announced however prices are announced for the other two cars. There are many thoughts that enthusiasts get especially for McLaren 720S and here are all the answers to it.

McLaren 720S Looks

McLaren 720S
The McLaren 720S is a phenomenal Supercar

The McLaren 720S is just another level beast in terms of the way it just looks as be it any supercar, it will surely grab your eyeballs. Earlier, this was something that people used to import but now finally this beast is here in India and surely Ferrari and Lamborghini needs to be aware. In the global markets, this already replaced the 650LT and the result that came out is this powerful beast. One fact that every enthusiast must know is that this Supercar used carbon fibre in its body that helps in reduction of the weight resulting in better power to weight ratio. Aerodynamics are great as it just cuts through the air.

McLaren 720S price
Every supercar with scissor doors attracts a lot of attention

The main thing that one will like about the McLaren 720S will of course be the scissor doors as this would be one of the Supercars that is finally getting this kind of feature. These doors sometimes work like sunroof too during the sunny weather season however absence of sunroof in a supercar doesn't matter much. Cars like Lamborghini Aventador and the BMW i8 were the ones that used these kind of doors but unfortunately they are discontinued. If this car will run on the road then surely people will run behind it for a click as in India because this will be an exotic in public's eye that will be seen rarely due to it's price that you will get to know in the end.

McLaren 720S spider
The McLaren 720S spider version too made it's debut in India

Besides the 720S, the McLaren 720S spider has also made it's debut in India. Many Supercars in spider version do not get scissor doors but this one surely gets. If you want fun in the air then surely the spider version would be something you must have however the car is track oriented.

McLaren 720S interior

McLaren 720S interior
If you get inside a McLaren then surely it would be a different feeling

If you want a car for tracks then surely McLaren 720S is just phenomenal and the interior design of the car is also driver oriented. In India, the car will surely offer goodies like Bowers and Wilkens premium sound system, front suspension lift and many more in pre-configured pack. Glove box will of course be absent in the car and just don't know why some Supercars do not offer a glovebox. The instrument cluster by JVC and Kenwood will be something that can be adjustable and foldable as per driver's settings.

McLaren 720S Top Speed and performance

McLaren 720S top speed
The performance will be beyond expectations

In terms of performance, the power would that this generate will be 720 PS and 770NM of torque will be pumped out from the engine. Top speed would be around 341 kmph and it can do 0-100 kmph in 2.9 seconds which of course sounds quite faster. As per the specifications, Ferrari F8 Tributo and Lamborghini Huracan needs to be aware.

McLaren 720S price in Indian Rupees

The pricing starts from 4.65 crores (ex-showroom) for Coupe variant and 5.04 crores ( ex-showroom) for Spider version. If you opt for pre-configured pack then you need to pay 43.31 lakhs over its cost.

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