Toyota Hilux: Pick-up truck for India!!

 The pickup trucks are very much popular in the international markets but it is still something that very less people buy in India. The Toyota Hilux Pick-up truck is a product that is under consideration for India and we can expect it to compete with Isuzu D-Max which is the only vehicle dominant in the segment. Here in this post, you will get to know what one can expect from this pickup truck in India.

Toyota Hilux Pick-up looks

Toyota Hilux
The Hilux is a very impressive pickup truck

The Toyota Hilux is a vehicle that will surely remind everyone about the Toyota Fortuner in terms of the looks as this will be a vehicle that will be based on Toyota Innova and Fortuner's platform. If you look at the above image, the alloys are something that resembles the Toyota Fortuner 2020 . A person who loves everything on wheels especially pickup vehicles then surely this one will be rocking.

Toyota Hilux Pickup
It's a great vehicle but can only work well if pickup trucks are a accepted in India

From the rear, the Toyota Hilux just looks like a typical pickup truck. Length of the vehicle is just very long that is what one expects from any pickup truck. If this vehicle is launched in India then surely this would be something that can be great for long weekend trips. Hilux is already a capable vehicle and you can just keep everything in thia truck and enjoy your camping too without worrying about the space for your own stuff.

Toyota Hilux interior

Toyota Hilux interior
Interior had a lot of luxuries in global markets

The Toyota Hilux is expected to have similar features like the Toyota Fortuner because it's images tell that it's inspired from the Fortuner and Innova. Some pickups like Bolero pickup are offered for commercial use in India however it's expected that Hilux can be a game changer in pickup truck segment.  Interior does sound amazing and surely one will like the car very much. Quality products is what one should buy and Toyota should consider quality products atleast in premium segment. 

Toyota Hilux Engine options

Toyota Hilux price in india
This would get the same 2.8-liter diesel engine like the Fortuner

The 2.8-liter engine has a lot of gain in terms of the power and torque output as it was earlier not very fun to drive but surely it gained the fun now amongst competitors. It's expected that the 500 Newton Metres of torque that Toyota has in Fortuner would there in the Hilux too as a capable pickup truck should surely a peppy diesel engine. A 2.7-petrol could also be offered however the diesel would sell more as people in India love off-road capable vehicles with a diesel engine due to their low end torque. A 6-speed Automatic and 6-speed manual will probably be offered with the Pickup truck. Like the Fortuner, a 4-wheel drive system will surely be offered if we get this capable vehicle in India.

Toyota Hilux price in India

If the Toyota Hilux is launched in India then the expected pricing is expected around 13-20 lakhs ex-showroom. In this price point, old Fortuner was available however let's see how Hilux will do in India.

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