Skoda Octavia 2021: is it an icing on the cake?

Recently, the Skoda Octavia 2021 was being revealed and it's almost ready to be launched in India. Here are some of the things that are updated in this new generation as follows:


Skoda Octavia 2021
It looks like the Skoda Superb

The new Skoda Octavia 2021  does remind about the Skoda Superb because both the cars look very much similar. Despite being similar to the elder brother Superb, Octavia looks very much stellar in comparison to the third generation and it will attract greater attention on the road.
Skoda Octavia 2021 India
The taillights get audi style floating indicators

 Skoda now offers the new  Octavia with floating style indicators that we get to see in Audi cars too and that is what attracts a lot of attention. If you are a luxury oriented buyer then surely Octavia can be your choice.

Skoda Octavia 2021 interior
The interior of the car is also more appealing

In the inside, a lot of things have been changed as instead of a three spoke steering wheel, a sporty 2 spoke steering wheel is available which makes it looks like a future car. There is a new floating touchscreen being added which is better than the older Octavia and even supports many features. One thing that will surely not appeal to the enthusiasts is surely the shift by wire technology that is replaced by the older stick shift. Stick shifts are something that doesn't make the Octavia enthusiastic but it's more of a car that is comfort oriented. Sunroof is a feature that was earlier present but now absent is current generation which makes not a sensible choice as a premium hatchback too is offering a sunroof whereas a premium Sedan lacks on it.  Hoping that in upcoming updates, sunroof is added in at least the L and K Variant. Digital instrument cluster do look premium and that's something which makes Skoda Octavia 2021 deserve a thumbs up in terms of looks.


Skoda Octavia 2021 India launch
There are more features added in the Skoda Octavia 2021

In the Skoda Octavia 2021, there are a lot of features that are being added. You do get features like Laura Voice assistance, wireless charging and advanced safety technology making it both a convenient and a safer car. It would have been great if with the car, one could open sunroof with voice like some cars which is just a great thing. Front seats of the car are electrically adjustable but ventilation for seats are a required feature. Earlier headlight washers were also available and if possible, it should have been added to this car also for cleaning headlights driving even if dirt is there on the headlamps. Sound system will be powered by Canton and 12 speakers would be on offer like previous generation.

Skoda Octavia 2021 performance

A VRS version would something that would be appreciated if launched in India

If talking about performance then surely some enthusiasts will surely be satisfied with the 2-liter TSI petrol engine which is well know for enthusiasm. There is no diesel engine like always however if a new TDI engine is developed then surely that would be great for dieselheads but still petrolheads will stay happy as petrol engine is always a gem. With the 2-liter engine, the Octavia will still be a great package in 18-24 lakhs. If there would be a VRS for Enthusiasm then that would be great otherwise you can stay happy with all luxuries and can still have fun with TSI.

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