Best bike for college students

Whenever a person drops out from school with good marks then surely he or she dreams of buying a new vehicle for college. India is already a market where people by vehicles on two wheels more than vehicles on four wheels. Bikes are something that attracts college students a lot but the main confusion is there in choosing a bike. Here are somethings that will give a direct answer to best bike for college students on the basis of requirements.

Bikes on the basis of styling

best bike for college students
The MV Agusta F4 used to be a dream bike for many bike enthusiasts especially college students

There are several college students who love bikes with full fairing whereas some students love bikes with classical styling. Bikes like Royal Enfield Classic 350 and Honda Highness CB350 are very popular for their classical styling whereas bikes like Bajaj Pulsar RS200 and TVS Apache Rr310 are loved because of their full fairing. Preferring a suitable style depends upon the taste of bikes as neither everyone loves faired motorcycles not everyone hates classic looking motorcycles. 

Bikes on basis of riding posture

KTM Duke 200 BS6
The KTM Duke 200 has a comfortable riding posture

The bikes like KTM Duke 200 offer a very comfortable riding posture. If someone picks a bike like KTM RC200 with aggresive riding posture then surely it feels like riding a superbike but not that much comfort a bike with dedicated riding position offers to the riders. A comfortable riding posture is something that is suitable for short college rides so here a bike with comfortable riding posture would be anyday better as there is very little risk of body pains. If you still love aggressive riding then surely you can opt for a bike with aggressive riding position. 

Bikes on basis of engine capacity

Yamaha R15 V3
The Yamaha R15 V3  is an example of a less cubic capacity capacity motorcycle with a lot of grunt

There are many students who often demand a powerful motor in a bike as powerful bikes are just fun. Don't go for very powerful machines especially when you are a beginner in riding a bike. Handling higher performance bikes require a lot of experience and of course fuel efficiency would also be less. A bike like Yamaha R15 can keep you happy as the 150cc motor has required grunt. If you opt buying a higher capacity motorcycle like a KTM Duke 390 or even more that that then surely it will be very aggressive especially during traffic. So even a 200cc motorcycle can keep you happy. Don't think that your friend has a more powerful bike but think about how much power you can handle. The superbikes that you dream to buy like higher cc Ducatis are track machines and they are not very well suited for College or city rides.

Best bike for students under 1 lakh

best bike for students under 1 lakh
The Bajaj Pulsar series has been an emotion to those who love bikes

The bikes like Bajaj Pulsar 150 would be something that can be considered a bike for college students under 1 lakh. Whenever you consider a bike, the important thing is always budget. Under 1 lakh there are not very much options when the on-road prices are under observation. If one still needs a sportier commuter then surely Bajaj Pulsar NS125 is a perfect sportier bike in budget. A lot of options open up if the budget is high however one needs to also look for maintainance cost, services and other things.

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