Tata Punch scored a 5-star rating in Global NCAP

 There have been a lot of cars that we got to see in our Indian market and hoped that they would do better in safety too. When Seltos was launched in India, a lot of fans and owners had high expectations for the NCAP rating which unfortunately became the most disappointing part when it scored 3-stars. The same safety expectation Tata fans had on Punch being a safer car but they again proved that safety in uncompromised. Firstly, the Nexon became the safest car then of course we had Altroz in the league from the brand. 

Tata motors had claimed that the car is based on the ALFA architecture on which the Altroz was being launched. As per a claim by Global NCAP, the child occupant rating was the highest even in comparison to the Mahindra XUV300 making it the safest car in India. A lot of owners often claimed that their cars often saved them even during the times of rolling over roads which proves how safe cars Tata often made. If this is something that some of the dominating car companies understand then surely automobile market will not be domainated by unsafe cars. Many people say that Tata trolls Maruti Suzuki often for safety but on the other side, this should surely be an understanding for other manufacturers too who focus more on the features than the safety thing.

Tata Punch Global NCAP
Only Tata motors knows how to manufacture safer cars

Safety is a part where not only Tata and Mahindra can excel but other manufacturers can also make safer cars. Volkswagen too makes safer cars but still performance from their engines is great so of course, safety can be improved in cars without comprimising on other aspects. One thing that can make Tata cars even more safer is surely making more reliable cars and improving the services. Tata Punch might not be a feature loaded gadget like Kia and Hyundai but surely very much better in an important aspect known as safety. After this, there will be surely now waiting for the newly launched Mahindra XUV700 to be crash tested as XUV700 too is a gadget with performance but crash test rating is still awaited. 

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