Tata Punch EV 2024 first drive impressions

 Some cars are born to offer excellent driving experiences to car enthusiasts, while others save money. Tata Motors is one manufacturer developing innovative cars like the Punch EV 2024. In this post, one will get an idea of whether to consider the car or not after reading it.

Tata Punch EV 2024: The Looks

Image Source: Autocar India

As a car enthusiast, I believe in performance, but the Punch EV has an excellent design that attracts Generation Z buyers in India. The Punch also takes inspiration from the Curvv, like the Nexon, if I comment on the front of the car. Rest assured, the punch remains the same if one sees the side and rear profiles of the car. It's undeniable to say that the Punch has excellent design, as Tata Motors never makes compromises like other manufacturers on the exterior of their cars. Take the example of their Nexon and their Safari, which are badass by design when one compares them with their rivals in the market. I don't think that Punch needs any changes in design, as the simplistic looks are enough to attract customers.

The Interior and the features of the Punch EV

Image Source: Autocar India

Tata Motors once again impressed everyone with their long list of features, like a 360-degree camera and ventilated seats. It's amazing to have ventilated seats, especially during the scorching heat of the summers in India. Well, the ventilated seats work well on the car, and the 360-degree camera also has superb quality, which adds convenience while driving in cities. One will appreciate the interior design of the car when it comes to the LED gear knob and the 10.25-inch touchscreen that contribute to the modern essence of the car. It somehow feels like a mini Range Rover on the inside, with the modern interior design and the steering wheel. The steering wheel is not something everyone will like, but some people will love the two-spoke steering wheel of the Punch.


The space of the car is also amazing on the inside, which is suitable for people of average height who are looking for a spacious car. Overall, the experience on the inside was great due to the numerous features and the Curvv-inspired design elements.


The Drive Experience of the Punch EV

Tata Punch EV 2024
Image Source: Autocar India

It was a delightful experience that the Tata Punch EV 2024 provided with its dynamics and performance. Forget the brochure, as this car is made to be pushed in real life. One will get to feel the torque rush after hitting the accelerator in sports mode. While it's the city mode that has balanced performance, it's the sports mode that extracts the enthusiasm from the driver for its maximum agility. One will very rarely use eco mode until the car is in a lower range. Eco mode will save on efficiency but just blunt the performance. Those who are car enthusiasts will not use eco mode. City mode feels the best in cities, as one has efficiency along with fun while driving. The Punch EV makes a clear statement that the electric variants of Tata cars are better than their petrol variants.


The brakes of the car feel sharp, and in cities, the auto hold reduces the burden on the foot, which adds to the practicality of the EV. Furthermore, one will also get to feel potholes much less because the ride and handling feel balanced on the Punch EV. Another delightful part is the steering wheel, which feels light in the cities and inspires confidence with its weight on the highways. Tata Punch Ev makes the driver push harder on the highways because it's made for energetic driving.

Tata Punch EV 2024 Safety rating

Well, I would like to congratulate Tata Motors for achieving a 5-star NCAP rating in safety from Bharat NCAP for the safety of the adult and child occupants. Here, the reasons are the stable body structure and the presence of six standard airbags, which make it a perfect package for Indian car buyers.

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