Jaguar FPace Review: Only true car enthusiasts can understand it

 The Jaguar FPace is the most luxurious offering by the brand in India. While there are few new diesel options, Jaguar F-pace is the one on offer with a diesel engine. The SUV is very stylish and a car that deserves a lot of love. Personally, I don't like diesel engines when compared to petrol engines but the Jaguar Fpace is surely one of my favorite luxury SUV amongst other SUVs. Here is my Jaguar FPace review on the basis of personal experience.


Jaguar FPace Exterior

Jaguar FPace review
Jaguar FPace review

If there is one thing that to appreciate about the Jaguar FPace then that's the design. The FPace is one the best SUVs in terms of design which is available in the Indian market. While BMW is these days spoiling designs, Jaguar is still a manufacturer which has great designs on the offer. Front look is surely very much awesome on the FPace.

Review of Jaguar FPace

When I first time saw the Jaguar FPace in real life, it quite grabbed my eyeballs because classy designs add a great impression. There used to be a time when manufacturers made cars with classy designs but these days modern cars don't have that appeal which is there in the FPace. Just keep the competitors on one side and this car on other side, it would be surely the FPace which is the car that deserves to be awarded for best luxury car with best external design. The FPace comes with 18-inch alloy wheels that are in silver finish and looks decent on the car. Jaguar has perfectly made a thought that let's make that looks dynamic and that's where they did a perfect job. 

Jaguar FPace review India
Jaguar FPace review India

Those who think this car needs a facelift or even a next generation then surely that's not the right thing to be said about the car. Just can't understand that why do manufacturers unnecessarily launch overdone or uglier generation of car over current generation cars which have a great appeal. The LED taillights of the car also are done very well. This model just don't need an update when it's already a perfect choice in design. Launching a next generation would be a mistake as that may not be as classy as the current FPace.

Jaguar FPace interior

Jaguar FPace review 2022
Jaguar FPace review 2022

There are several things to like about the inside of the car. When the facelift was launched, the FPace got interior update but still the old interior of the FPace was quite amazing. There was a nice touchscreen on offer with a larger display which was mated to 12-speaker meridian sound system. The instrument panel is a fully digital unit which was offered in the era where digital instrument cluster was a luxury car feature. Be it the older or current facelift but the interior looks awesome. The fit and finish was also very much great and the front seats can be electrically adjusted. Jaguar offers the car with a rotary shifting gearbox which is just convenient over stick shifts for some people. If you are an enthusiast, you may or may not like a rotary automatic gearbox but personally I like the rotary gearbox.

Jaguar FPace performance

The Jaguar FPace 20d is a very powerful car in its segment especially when it's a diesel version. On the paper, its one of the best cars to have a great performance on the offer. There are multiple driving modes like Dynamic, sport, comfort and many more but the best ones are surely dynamic and sport. A diesel SUV owner will surely prefer a sportier driving experience and that's where the FPace shines very well. Those who prefer cat like reflexes will surely prefer the FPace. This reminds me of reply Jaguar gave to Mercedes for Magic body control and that's something a joke only car enthusiasts can understand very well.

Should you buy one?

The Jaguar FPace is a perfect diesel SUV you should buy before it dies. Diesel FPace is great even if you a buy a used one or a new one. 

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