Mahindra Scorpio N test drive review

It's been a long time since Mahindra got the ScorpioN to India. There have still been sales recorded by older Scorpio Classic as Mahindra has a different fanbase for that car. Many of us often watched crazy drifts of the Scorpio Classic where Bollywood stars like Ranveer Singh as Simba and can't forget Salman Khan also driving a Scorpio. That used to be a time when Scorpio was a mafia car. Did the Scorpio lose its charm as a Mafia car with ScorpioN? Here is my Mahindra ScorpioN review after a short test drive.

Mahindra ScorpioN exterior

Mahindra Scorpio N review
Mahindra Scorpio N review

The Mahindra ScorpioN has evolved a lot in terms of looks. It's not the original Simba's car but it still looks on the bolder side. The headlights come with an LED projector setup which would just look absolutely amazing at the night. Many say that Scorpio Classic is better but my personal favorite is surely the ScorpioN. 

mahindra scorpio reviews
Mahindra Scorpio reviews

The diamond-cut alloy wheels which the ScorpioN gets in top-end trim with automatic are just absolutely stellar. Those who are generation Z car lovers are the ones who will appreciate the side profile of the ScorpioN in terms of looks. If there is one color that I would recommend in this car then get the Napoli black as that just looks stellar on the car. Mahindra knows well how to design a mafia car and yes, the ScorpioN is the mafia car of the Z generation.

review of mahindra scorpio
Review of Mahindra Scorpio

The LED taillights kind of reminds me of the Volvo cars which suit this car. There are floating indicators like Audi cars on offer with headlights and taillights which is just insane. As far as the looks are concerned, I didn't find any flaws and instead, I just appreciate the car over the Scorpio Classic. The ScorpioN looks like a Macho SUV. 

Mahindra ScorpioN interior

There is no doubt that the ScorpioN is loaded with a lot of features as it's a modern mafia so it needs to have modern-day goodies. When you enter the car, it would make you feel like you are the king of the roads. The ScorpioN comes with features like a 7-inch touchscreen and an electric sunroof. Whenever you feel very tired, it has drowsiness detection which it will show on the semi-digital instrument cluster. I would personally appreciate Audio quality from the Sony audio system because the audio feels decent during the playing of music. Mahindra has offered a brown-colored interior with a black combination which is an awesome combination.  If you are tired of the scorching heat in summer then it has a very powerfull air conditioner on offer to save you from sweating.

Mahindra ScorpioN performance

A lot of journalists say that only experienced car reviewers can give a better idea of performance but that's not absolutely true. I had personally driven the Petrol automatic variant and it was a very comfortable experience for me on the open roads. The 2-liter Mstallion engine was very much refined and offered a smooth driving experience as per city limits. In the automatic version, one will not feel any kind of jerk due to the smooth gearshifts that take place while driving. The Scorpio N has a very light steering wheel which gives a lot of comfort while turning the car. Body roll is very well contained so there is no chance that you will feel bounciness. Braking is on the sharper side and as per city driving, it has great stopping power. The power delivery is where you won't feel much in cities as its something which requires open roads and no traffic jams. 

Should you buy one?

If you are a person who wants to feel like the king of roads then surely ScorpioN is just amazing due to the great road presence on offer. Mahindra makes safer cars and safety ratings are expected to be very much great for the car. Just get the petrol automatic if you drive in heavy traffic conditions.

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