Mercedes GLA 35 AMG Review

A Mercedes without an AMG is just an ice cream without any sugar. There is no denying the fact that AMG flows in the arteries and veins. Every car enthusiast is just born without seatbelts on to race in life. If one needs a crossover with some boost, then we have the Mercedes GLA 35 AMG with excitement. Here is the very much impression based Mercedes GLA 35 AMG review which based upon observation of car.

Mercedes GLA AMG exterior 

Mercedes GLA AMG review

There is no doubt that the Mercedes GLA 35 AMG is just an absolute example of something phenomenal. The grille on the front takes inspiration from the AMG GT-R, which very much suits the GLA. Those who love simplistic designs wouldn't find the grille very much interesting. Many of us love the GT-R so the grille is of course not very boring. The GLA 35 AMG has awesome headlights on offer.

mercedes gla review india

There was a time when GLA was famous for being called a jacked-up A-Class hatchback in design. This time Mercedes has just nailed their design. The brand this time tried to make it very much appealing. It's very difficult to find cars with great designs and that's where GLA is stellar. Alloy wheels on the car just have a great addition to the appeal. 

GLA review india

Every AMG car has some aggressiveness and exhaust is more sportier over cars. Rear brake lights with LEDs are also just appealing. Maybe there are Audi cars that have more appeal but the GLA is just another level in looks. Looks are just external beauty as the beauty one should feel is the performance of an AMG.

Mercedes GLA 35 AMG interior

Mercedes Benz gla 35 AMG 4matic

Over the regular GLA, there would be red stitching can be observed on the steering and the seats. Red is the colour of fire and that's what the AMGs are all about over regular Mercedes cars. There is a considerable improvement over the older GLA in terms of dimensions. Window area is big enough to make the cabin very much open from inside for passengers. A lot of features are being offered like ambient lighting in sixty four colors and a lot more equiment.

Mercedes GLA 35 reviews

Legroom of the car  has considerably shown a lot of improvement but that's something which doesn't matter if you have something exciting to drive. In case you want to prevent your friend from driving the car, tell him to sit at the rear as rear has perfect comfort for people with average height. Mercedes Me connect applications with connected features are available with the car. 

Mercedes GLA35 AMG performance 

GLA 35 AMG mileage

Those who are driving the car can make changes to instrument cluster as per driving. Multiple driving modes like comfort, sport, sport plus and individual are offered. The GLA 35 AMG doesn't deserve to be deserve in comfort mode as Mercedes with an AMG is all about aggressiveness. Mercedes does offer a 2-liter turbo petrol with 302 BHP of power and comes mated to DCT transmission. Suspension can be altered as per different driving modes as the car comes with adjustable suspension. The power can be channeled to all wheels as it's a 4Matic which is just insane.

Should one get the GLA35 AMG?

The answer is a yes if a person needs something exciting to drive on tracks but practicality is also a priority. There is a lot of practicality on offer with GLA35 AMG.

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