Mercedes new C-Class review

The new Mercedes C-Class just got better in the new generation. Those Indians who love branded luxurious sedans also love the C-Class. Mercedes had made the C-Class a car that just shows the future. Here is my Mercedes new C-Class review describing the things I loved about it.

New C-Class looks

new mercedes c class 2022 India
New Mercedes C-Class 2022 India

Unlike some manufacturers, Mercedes had still adopted its traditional design language for the new C-Class in India. This model still reminds me of higher models like the S-Class. There is no doubt even the S-Class also has a similar type of headlights. The front grille makes the C-Class an eyeball grabber car.  Its design is just way better than many modern cars in India. 

which mercedes car is best in India
The C-Class can be an answer to which Mercedes car is best in India

The alloy wheels on the C220d variant look decent on the car. Mercedes could have given better design but still not a major deal breaker. Every person has a different opinion but some may not like alloys very much. The new Class has chrome work which gives it more of a luxury appeal. It's a very great thing that the new C-Class doesn't look polarizing. Some manufacturers must learn some design from Mercedes.

Mercedes C220d 2022 review
Mercedes C220d 2022 review

Mercedes had come a long with their automotive designs. Their taillights kind of look similar to the Mercedes CLA but have an attractive appeal. A model which comes in a new generation must be exciting. Unfortunately, BMW didn't do that thing as their new 7-Series G70 has a controversial appeal. The same does not apply to C-Class because of its great looks.

New C-Class interior

Mercedes cars review India
Mercedes cars review India

The first thing a person would notice inside would surely be the S-Class-inspired interior. Mercedes had used the 3-spoke steering wheel they even used in S350d. This steering wheel has a silver finishing which looks decent. One can just play around with the display of the instrument cluster. Another cool feature is actually the touchscreen which is just amazing in looks and feels. Now it's time that one should just say bye to the older dials and welcome the new bigger touchscreen with MBUX-connected tech. Ambient lighting is also amazing as 64 colors are present on the offer. There is no massage function on offer which is reserved only for C300d but still one can electrically adjust the front seats of the car.

Those who love to be chauffer-driven can opt for the C-Class for the luxury on offer. The cabin is just roomy due to the comfort of the car for every passenger. It's just difficult to complain as the C-Class can never give that chance to owners. When a person enters the car, it has a great sound coming and that's nothing other than the welcome function. Another welcome addition is a sunroof on offer. Indian climate might not allow the usage but it's still another level feature.

Mercedes C220d 2022 review

The Mercedes C220d is just a decent diesel engine on offer. For those who care more about luxury but less about performance then C220d is a great option. Just get the C300d if you are a diesel head as acceleration is not that faster on paper even when compared to the BMW 320d. The C220d is all about fuel efficiency as it claims 23kmpl maximum fuel efficiency. It's something that can reach 100 Kmph in 7.3 seconds which is more time-consuming than the BMW 320d. If there is one thing to appreciate about C220d then it's the 48V mild hybrid system. Here, fuel efficiency kicks in yo as mild-hybrid gives the engine some boost. Mercedes had introduced mild-hybrid as a standard thing on all engines.

Is the C-Class worth buying?

The C-Class is surely worth it because of the luxury and performance on offer. Go for the C220d if fuel efficiency is a concern as hybrid just rocks. If performance is the matter then nothing can beat C300d AMG as that's the fastest C-Class on offer. 

Hoping that my new C-Class review would help you make a decision before purchasing the car.

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