Ford ecosport:Very practical in real life

What's under the hood??

Under the hood the ecosport sports a 1.0 litre turbocharged 3 cylinder petrol engine that gives you a power of 125PS and at torque of 170NM which currently fulfils the bs4 emission norms due to which mahindra's 1.2 litre petrol engine will take the place due to the upcoming bs6 norms and a better fuel efficiency. However when i travelled in this car to Jaipur from my hometown I recieved the fuel efficiency of around 8-9kmpl which is a downside of the ford ecosport s as compared to the 1.5 litre dragon series petrol engine and the the 1.5 litre diesel engine(torquer than the ecoboost ) but the ones who are a true enthusiast of driving they can prefer this engine due to it's punchiness in terms of practicallity and it's pushing power despite being a smaller engine but not for those looking for a fuel saver.

 How does the car feels ??

When  I compare this car to it's competitors it has far better dynamics from the outside. The front of the sports model featues a sportier matte black grille and a set of LED drls in the headlights that sounds quite amazing as compared to the Hyundai venue from the front. The headlights get a setup of HID on the front that area benefit for the high range but however this one has halogen bulb for the high range that are also on the fog lamps. the variant which i own was equipped with a 17 inches alloys that are very sportier than the 16 inches that the recent facelift to the gets.

Coming rear of the car I was very impressed because of the spare that was on the rear bonnet which makes it actually sound like an SUV however only the indian ecosport is the one which features this awesome sparewheel on the bonnet however it can be stolen by anyone but still if you park in an authorised parking your ecosport will always feel safe like you. If suppose I travel with my family for a one day trip then I think the 352 litre boot space is enough for my family utility. overall for Ecosport's sportiness I will give it an A grade as compared to Hyundai Venue, Xuv300, Tata Nexon, etc. which fair against this car. 

Does it feel safe??

Talking about safety of Ford Ecosport it will always keep you and your family safe by a host of safety features which the car gets like the 6 airbags, Antilock braking system with electronic brakeforce distribution and brake assist, traction control system, etc. which can fulfil your safety concern for this specific car but however this is not enough for the Ecosport as it has a perfect body structure which is very stable as mentioned by NCAP. This car also gets the reverse parking assist like the parking camera and the sensors to ease yourself. 

What's inside the cabin??

Wondering inside the cabin of the Ford Ecosport it sounds spacious and decent with the plushing colour scheme of tan colour on the door pannels and near the 6 speed gearbox for a cool finishing. After sevral facelifts it had finally recieved an 8 inch touchsceen with the Ford's SYNC3 software and also an android auto nand apple car paly supportive. The cruise control,smartkey with start button, etc. add some convenience to the car. It also gets Endeavour style buttons on the front door trims so that you can easily lock the doors when you are inside and they are speed dependent also so after crossing 20 km/h it automatically locks the doors.The front seats of the car however sound more comfortable than the rear seats which I consider as a downside as the rear seats are of okk comfort(not too good or bad but could be better).

For cosmetic upgrade it gets a sunroof which you cannot open in india in many cases due to too much pollution and global warming but still who wants to show off their car can use this feature especially the young enthusiasts who wants to become popular in their friend circle.

My final verdict:

After soo much discussion about the car I think its a fantastic option for a person who have a budget of 14 lacs but if you don't want the top model you can prefer the lower variants also with decent amount of features.Overall I think this car is the best in segment as compared to the other cars in its competition.


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