Kia Carens turbo review - A full family pack MPV

Kia Carens is a phenomenal MPV that was launched in India. Indian market does demand MPVs and SUVs a lot. Does the Kia Carens fare well against rivals like Alcazar and Safari? Here is a review of Kia Carens turbo after a short test drive.

Kia Carens Exterior design

Kia Carens turbo review

The Kia Carens do have polarizing looks from the front. There are different people who think differently about looks. Many people do appreciate looks but not everyone will find it interesting. Front looks could have been better if Kia did focus on designing. Their Seltos was badass by design which does not unfortunately apply to Carens.

Reviews of Kia Carens

The looks from the side do appeal to many buyers. Chromework on the Luxury Plus variant is giving it another level of appeal. Kia had offered very stylish alloy wheels on the top model. This car has chrome door handles which do offer a very premium feel. Many buyers will appreciate some angles of the Kia Carens.

Kia Carens videos

There is no doubt that the rear look is absolutely phenomenal. This would be something that inspired the currently unveiled facelifted Kia Seltos in terms of design. It's something that looks better than halogen bulb taillamps in lower variants.

Kia Carens Interior design

Kia reviews in India

The good part about the Carens is the interior. One can see variations in colours depending on variant. The Luxury Plus gets dual tone interior which doesn't appear claustrophobic. Kia offered a fully  digital instrument cluster in the Carens that's easy to read. Touchscreen is a great addition as it's very responsive to use. Graphics were clear and no glitches faced. The voice command system responded well and opening sunroof was a fun thing. It doesn't get any electric seat adjustment like Safari and Alcazar. Electric seats would have been great but not an issue for some buyers. Ventilated seats are surely a great addition for surviving heat and thanks to Kia for saving Indians from being toasted in car. Those looking for parking assistance while get a good quality reverse camera. 

Kia Carens turbo review

Rear seats in second row are surely comfortable for passengers. The cabin sound open from inside due to large size of windows. Reclining function for rear seats are available in 6-seater version. There is no doubt that ample amount of space is available in each row.

Kia Carens performance

The performance from turbo petrol is just great as Kia Carens turbo and Seltos turbo share same engine. Refinement from 1.4-liter turbo contributes to silent cabin of the car. It's a great thing as that would not distrupt your music. Just enjoy your Bose system without any noise from engine. Gearshifts are smooth and clutch is on a lighter side. Ride quality feels like a carpet on bad roads. Steering wheel is comfortable on city speeds which is a characteristic of electric steering wheels. Kia cars do have lighter steerings as that's what make Carens a suitable family car. Braking system is also decent and brakes have decent bite on the offer. 

Kia Carens Safety

There are a lot of features like 6 airbags and ABS standard accross all variants. It would have been great if Carens could have got a better GNCAP score. It's safer than Seltos but 3-star rating with all safety features sounds disappointing especially at higher price point. Kia needs to work on safety of cars. 

In this review, everything about Kia Carens turbo is present. Hoping you found the review helpful if you are planning to buy the car.

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