BMW 7 series: The luxury saloon on the four wheels

 BMW is just very popular for it's cars that celebrities and famous personalities own. When it comes to design, the brand excells really very well without any doubt. Performance in their M-badged cars are just great but we do have a popular Limo by by them known as the BMW 7 Series that is very popular for whatever luxuries it offers. Are you planning to own one? If yes, then you are at the right place as here whatever you will know is only a personal experience and nothing else because personal experiences always give a better idea about a car.

BMW 7 Series Exterior

A thanks to BMW for making headlights slim in the last facelift we got in India

In terms of design, the BMW 7 series is a great challenger to the competitors in the segment. The last facelift got slimmer headlights that supports BMW adaptive lightning technology making it a stylish car. BMW had focused on making something stylish by increasing size of kidney grilles and that worked well on the car as the front look has gone phenomenal.

bmw 7 series price
This luxury king is something everyone wants even if one can't buy it

When you keep looking at the car from the inside, there is nothing changed since in terms of the eyeballs this grabs but style has surely shown evolution. A luxury car is something we get to see rarely on Indian roads and that is the reason they attract us. Here, BMW 7 Series has proved that it's something that is a dream for every enthusiast and a buyer who wants luxury should surely consider the car. The chrome elements on the side profile and the alloy wheels just give it a very royal look. 

price of bmw 7 series
The taillamps on the BMW 7 series look slimmer than pre facelift that was there in India

In the G11 generation, BMW just made the 7 Series very great package and of course they made it even better in the facelifted model. If you see the taillamps then you will forgot every object on the road due to the distraction you get from the rear. Many might like the floating lights of Audi A8 but the signature taillamps of BMW 7 Series are something that are difficult to ignore. This model is not only about looks but there are many more surprises that this car gives to the owners and enthusiasts.

BMW 7 series interior

bmw 7 series interior
Here is a spyshot of the BMW 7 Series interior

The interior of the car looks absolutely spacious. A customer can opt for different shades for the interior but still it's the beige interior that is the best suitable for BMW 7 Series. If we got a chance to enter the car then surely it would have been great to check the cabin of this beast. One thing that could have been added was paddle shifters as it could have added convenience. 

bmw 7 series 2020
The rear is for those who want to have control of everything

Technology is something that is getting advanced but the tech that this saloon get is just beyond the imagination. On the rear seat, there is everything that a passenger can control whether it is the front co-passenger seat or the sunroof from the tab that is mounted on the armrest. Massage functions at the seats are also present and ventilation too can be controlled. Doesn't it sound cool? It is surely cool as you will be required to struggle less entering your own car in the scorching heat of India. Windows of the car look big and that makes the cabin feel spacious. Its features tells a lot of things about the comfort of the car.

BMW 7 series Performance

The BMW 7 series even gets the legendary V12 engine with all wheel drive system that was also there in previous generation however the Variant we saw was the 740Li DPE signature. In performance, the Mercedes S Class is just better but the 740Li too is just decent. If you want fun with the Limo then the diesel version and the 760Li are the versions are the one you must go for otherwise the 740Li is about owning the 7 Series badge at lower cost. One thing that BMW does great is offering this with AWD however the lower Variants get RWD but still you can enjoy the Limo as it's about luxury. A person can be a backbencher as well as front bencher as this car is phenomenal and BMW makes fun to drive cars too. This is just an on paper comparison for performance. It's better if you test drive yourself as you can even get a better idea of driving feel and decide if this one suits your needs.

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