Nexon v XUV300: Indian SUV war

 The compact SUV segment is growing day by day and people are left with choices that which car they should buy to fulfill their needs. Of talking about two popular SUVs by Indian companies then there are Nexon and XUV300 which are very much popular. Many people are usually confused that which one is better amongst Nexon v XUV300 and to clarify the confusion, here are some points that will help you make a choice.

Nexon v XUV300: Exterior

Nexon v xuv300 quora
The XUV300 features cheetah inspired design

There is no doubt that looks are uncomprised if both the rivals are placed against each other. Nexon takes it's inspiration from the Land Rover cars whereas XUV300 takes is inspired from Mahindra's cheetah SUV design. If you are a Land Rover fanboy but want a sub compact SUV in a budget then surely you can opt for Nexon otherwise XUV300 also attracts great attention in terms of looks.

Nexon v XUV300: Interior

Nexon v xuv300 sales
Nexon has better interior

Both the cars are already great on space but somehow interior is something where the XUV300 does not attract very much attention. The Tata Nexon is offered with a floating touchscreen music system whereas the XUV300 has a standard double din touchscreen which is not in floating design. With better interior, Tata Nexon wins if you want a better interior with other things that you expect from a car.

Nexon v XUV300: Features

Nexon v xuv300 which is better
Features on both cars are great but XUV300 has features which Nexon misses out

Features are great on both the cars as XUV300 also got updated with features if we talk about automatic variants whereas Nexon in the update facelift too has features like Connected car technology and electric sunroof. Driving modes are something that the Nexon offers whereas XUV300 has option of modes for steering that can be altered as per your driving. Dual zone climate control is something Nexon doesn't have whereas XUV300 do have this feature. Connected car features are standard on manual Variants also which is not the case with XUV300 as only automatic Variants get connected tech. If you want features then both cars are great but opt for Nexon if you want features but want to have fun with manual gearshifts.

Nexon v XUV300: Mileage and performance

Nexon v xuv300
The XUV300 has great performance

In performance, a diesel in an SUV is like a cherry on the cake and here the XUV300 clearly excels if it's raise against Nexon in a drag race. The margin would be less but surely XUV300 is for Enthusiasm. Fuel efficiency is claimed at 17 Kmpl for both cars in petrol so no problem would be there on fuel efficiency however Nexon is better as you can save fuel with eco mode which is not the case with XUV300. If you want better efficiency in a diesel then Nexon is better if compared as per claimed fuel efficiency by ARAI.  If you want a petrol then Nexon is fantastic whereas in diesel XUV300 has slightly better performance.

Nexon v XUV300: safety

Nexon v xuv300 safety
Nexon is safe but xuv300 is safer

In terms of safety, XUV300 is the king of all the cars in India as it scores 4 star rating for child occupant. 5 stars were scored by both cars in adult occupant Safety but XUV300 is better as you do get 7 airbags also whereas Nexon only gets dual airbags.

Hope the article clarifies your doubts. Do take a test drive of both the cars to get an idea about which one suits your driving. 

Image source: MotorBeam

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