Why Honda Civic eighth generation was a beast to be remembered?

 The Honda Civic was a car that made Honda make it's space amongst manufacturers. In India also, we got the Honda Civic eighth generation  that had fabulous design and something that enthusiasts loved very much. Whenever it's still imagined in a car enthusiasts mind, it's still a beast that must be remembered and here are the things that make this legend to be remembered forever as follows:

There would have been no Honda without the Civic

The Honda Civic is considered a car that was launched as a hat hatchback version in the global markets in it's first generation. Fuel efficiency was a concern which initially made Honda manufacturer this car and of course that's what made their business even rise. Fuel efficiency was something which was not an objective when India recieved an eighth generation as it had been an enthusiasts car more than just a premium Sedan. After a decade, the tenth generation was launched but it didn't worked well for the Indian market.

Action kicked in Yo with eighth generation

The Honda Civic used to be a competitor to premium sedans like the Maruti Baleno. Baleno is a hatchback so how can a premium hatchback be compared to a premium Sedan? Many might be thinking this so the answer is that the Baleno  was initially available at that time as a premium Sedan by Maruti. Later on, Maruti launched Baleno name as a premium hatchback. Now coming to Civic, the i-VTEC motor was something that had a lot of enthusiasm and there was also a manual that was available at that time which made everyone feel like a Hero. Bang Bang movie is surely an example as Katrina Kaif who played a role of a Bank employee as well as side kick of Hrithik Roshan was also driving well despite being scared and that's why Civic can be termed a car where action very much kicked in yo. Jokes aside but still nothing can beat a VTEC in Naturally Aspirated fun.

Modify as much as you can

India has a culture of modifying cars to top models from the basic ones. There would be many Honda Civics that are being modified by tuning the engine or sometimes making it aggresive. The Honda Civic eighth generation is still a great car that one can purchase from pre-owned market and do aftermarket mod jobs. One thing that's recommended is not to opt for used hybrid Civic as that's not something for enthusiasm because Naturally aspirated engines are something which are best for experiments. 

A design that never gets outdated

The Honda Civic is a car that never gets outdated as the last generation that was available did looked great but the older one was very sporty and fun. Latest one was very rich in features but was more oriented towards premiumness and not oriented towards what Honda used to manufacture in India. Sadly the eighth generation was discontinued in 2013 however there is still a scope in getting one if bought from a trusted pre-owned car dealership or place at a good rate.

Honda civic 8th gen steering wheel
The Honda Civic 8th gen steering wheel is typical sporty steering by Honda which is phenomenal

Honda Civic 8th gen jdm
The Honda Civic 8th gen jdm is a legacy in comparison to latest one launched globally


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