Is Skoda Kushaq SUV worth buying?

With the rising dominance of Kia Seltos and Hyundai Creta within the segment, Skoda had launched the Kushaq SUV in India to compete with the segment kings. When it's price was being revealed, many of us got disappointed by it's pricing but still there are somethings that can still make it a better choice and today here are the some of the reasons that make Kushaq a far better choice over competition.


Looks: The Skoda Kushaq SUV just looks phenomenal. It might not be something that has designing like Kia Seltos but still it's something that never fails to draw in attention. Hyundai Creta is another main competitor which isn't not something everyone likes in looks except some people who have the design grown in their mindset. In the case of polarising looks of Creta, the Kushaq just looks amazing in comparison to Creta.

Build Quality: After Kia Seltos got a mean rating in NCAP, many of us were considerably concerned about if the Creta also will keep them safe or not. If someone is trying to finf a safer car then surely Kushaq is anyday a safe choice with no single doubt. If the DSG model got 6 airbags then that might have been surely better and hopefully Skoda will provide that in future. There will be many experts who don't truely agree with NCAP ratings but what I feel as an auto blogger and car enthusiast is that NCAP ratings surely guide better on safety. There is no concept of active and passive safety as road accidents surely tell that NCAP was true in ratings in many cases. If Kushaq will be tested then surely it can do better than competitors.

Performance of TSI engines: While many competitors are offering Naturally Aspirated petrol engines in base models, the Skoda Kushaq SUV still comes equipped with Turbocharged engine right from the lower trims that's anyday better in performance than MPI engines of Volkswagen group. Base models have a 1-liter TSI with required performance whereas the 1.5 TSI is there on the top model which is anyday better in punchiness. There could have been cost cutting by Skoda's side if they offered base models with MPI engines but they are simply clever as performance is what enthusiasts love. It could have been great if Ambition also got a 1.5-TSI for better performance but still not a big deal as there might be a probability that we could get that in future.

Features: The Skoda Kushaq SUV is a great product that doesn't have several features which competitions have but still as per how the features are distributed in variants, that's something where Skoda gets a thumbs up. Safety features like Traction control, Electronic Stability management, etc. are something that other cars offer only on top models but here Skoda shines as safety features are offered right from the  Active trim of the car. Some features like a big Sunroof and connected car tech would have made this even better but not a very big deal as it excels Well in other aspects where competitions usually needs improvement.

Skoda Kushaq india
The Skoda Kushaq is an outstanding product

Skoda Kushaq SUV
Interior looks great and the two spoke steering wheel looks sportier

Image source: MotorBeam


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