An owner's perspective on exit of Ford from india

 There have been a lot of people who do love fuel efficiency but very less people in India believe in the driving feel. Many owners treat their cars as family members as cars are an emotion these days. If one company that never compromised on quality products then only one company was existent and that's only Ford. Ford cars do have a lot of driving feel and their cars were build like tanks. You might be thinking that driving safe matters the most which is surely very much important these days. More than driving safe, safety features and safer cars are also necessary. Being a Ford owner and a car enthusiast, I am personally not satisfied with the decision of Ford India quitting manufacturing of cars. 

 Is Ford Exiting India?

Ford exit India
The Ford Ecosport is a beast that will be remembered for it's driving soul

Yes, Ford is surely exiting India because of the reasons of losses that have incurred. Their main loss was the utilisation of their plants in Sanand and Chennai. They invested 2.5 Billion but incurred losses for 2 Billion. Their products were also not able to get timely updates despite being the best in the segment which let their sales down. If they got better products other than updating the Ecosport continuously then surely they have got decent sales. People should personally now consider safer cars as a car with best safety is much more important then features, fuel efficiency and resale value.

Owner's viewpoint

Is Ford exiting India
The Mustang was an icon that they are thankfully bringing at least through CBU

In India, every third car buyer prefers a Maruti or a Hyundai that dominate the Indian market. Mileage and resale value are something that matters to many people. According to me, a car with high resale value and fuel efficiency is not always the best. I am personally having an Ecosport and Aspire in my family and trust me both the cars are very reliable. Comfort on rear seats could have surely been better but still their driving feel is unbeatable especially in petrol. Features that are focused towards safety have been something where Ford never compromises. Forget the safety but build quality of Ford cars are also just phenomenal. A lot of people just say that Ford has expensive services but actually their service experience is great and not on a very expensive side. 

Ford Spare parts

If one thinks that spare parts would not be available then surely that will not be a major problem if you are already an existing customer. Ford had also not fully made an exit but instead they are focusing on getting imported cars like Mustang and some more electric cars. There are chances you may even get to see an F150 lightning pick-up truck on the road. The cheaper cars like Ecosport, Aspire, etc will surely be missed as of course, Ford will now only focus on elite buyers. Those who are looking forward to buy a Ford car will get discounts but buy at your own risk. Right now, I have personally not faced issues as my cars are already in brand new condition. If any issue persists related to spare parts then I will surely write about it. Servicing will also be continued for existing customers. If Ford provides spare parts then owners will at least feel relaxed. Now waiting for Mustang Mach E and some other iconic cars for sure and hoping that existing dealerships and service centres continue to function.


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