MG Gloster Savvy 7-Seater review

 The MG Gloster had performed well in it's segment when it was being launched in India. It was very impressive when the car got a lot of first in segment features in comparison to the Ford Endeavour and the Toyota Fortuner. If you are planning to buy the awesome premium SUV then you are at the right place for all your queries to be answered. Keep reading further about the SUV which creates a lot of excitement.

MG Gloster Exterior

mg Gloster
Looks are just awesome than what one imagines

There is not doubt that you don't get great looks as the Gloster reminds very much about the Chinese SUV car Maxus D90. Morris Garages changed the front grille which is great and doesn't seem to be overdone and that's what makes a car look perfect. Fog lamps do not get LED and comes with yellow halogen which is quite basic in appearance.

Mg Gloster price
The MG Gloster is just massive in terms of size

The MG Gloster feels very much huge in terms of dimensions and of course looks from side are also great. Alloy wheels are large in terms of size and are suitable as per the profile of the car making it looks just out of the crowd. It surely gives good vibes when it surely comes to the looks. Chrome door handles in the Gloster were something that might be of course not a big thing but it's surely the feeling of premiumness. Smart keyless entry is of course something that you get as an option so keep the key in pocket and rock with your car. It's not only about how premium equipment it has but its looks are also premium. 

MG Gloster price in india
The MG Gloster is macho by design

Tail Section resembles the  cars like the BMW X1 and the BMW X3 as there is no doubt that similar taillight design is shared by all of them. You do get 4WD badging which reminds that it channels power on all the four wheels and of course internet is present inside the car.

MG Gloster Interior

Mg Gloster Interior
The interior is anyday better than the other cars in competition

The MG Gloster Interior is something that is surely modern when compared to other competitors like the Toyota Fortuner and the Ford Endeavour. There is nothing that can beat the interior amongst the competition. Surely it's not a car that people will prefer due to brand name but still it's very luxurious from the inside. Not yet have experience with features but one thing that can be concluded is that features are just insane. Seats are comfortable and massage function is something that you do get for the driver seat. Touchscreen is something that is available on the car and has all the iSmart connectivity options with voice controls so of course no compromise like always on features.

MG Gloster features
The MG Gloster features have a very long list

A very important thing that surely requires an answer is surely safety and build quality is good as per the door thud test that's done on the car. There is no claustrophobic feeling that the car due to larger windows and space on the offer. The picture clearly points out that the variant has 7 seats and this is what Morris Garages launched as per demand of the customers. Other features for safety like ADAS are present that provides better safety and convenience so a good car to have for convenience it offers. 

MG Gloster performance

The MG Gloster gets a dual turbocharged unit that has a lot of performance to offer but  when compared on paper, it doesn't feel as exciting as the competitors due to the less power to weight and torque to weight output on the offer. It's a machine that has required performance for overtaking and is complimented by an 8-speed automatic for better efficiency from the engine. We did have the better Gearbox in Endeavour however it's discontinued so of course, Gloster has most number of gears in the segment. 

Is MG Gloster worth buying?

If you are looking for a vehicle with brand image then surely it's not better than Fortuner however a very luxurious SUV with a lots of features. Looks are also just awesome as you will just fall in love with it. Many people want their car to be VFM so Gloster has a great value to offer.

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