The very overpriced cars in India

In the recent times, there are several manufacturers who are entering the Indian market with great products but many of them don't sell well. Indians do prefer brand value as that's something which matters more than anything even if a car is overpriced. Here is a list of some of the cars that are heavily overpriced.

Toyota Fortuner

Very capable but it's on overpriced side

A car without a sunroof can never be a value for money deal without a Sunroof and some other goodies. There is no doubt that Toyota Fortuner is the only car after Endeavour too be called a true SUV. The Legender variant is very much stylish and now of course there is an option a four wheel drive. If Toyota priced it well then surely it was better for them. The car is surely priced in way apple price its phones as of course both sell only for brand value. At this price, a luxury sedan like a Jaguar XE too can be a better deal so it would be better if you focus on value of your money more than buying a car just to show off in front of neighbours.

Citroen C5 Aircross

The pricing and features need improvement

The Citroen C5 Aircross is no doubt a very great product but it's heavily overpriced. An SUV which doesn't have great features and of course the four wheel drive option is surely like buying an iPhone without features. There is no option of connected car tech that even the Jeep Compass get. Right now, Citroen C3 Aircross is under testing and if the brand didn't price the car well then surely their brand image will suffer. 

Skoda Octavia

TSI is phenomenal but still it can be better

The Skoda Octavia is no doubt a very great luxurious Sedan with very great features and performance. If Skoda needs to improve something then surely some goodies like sunroof and ventilated seats could have been appreciated. Features are of course more preffered aspect over performance and taking selfies outside Sunroof is the most famous thing in India.

Hyundai Tucson

The younger sibling Creta is even better value for money

The list of overpriced cars in India would be incomplete without this car. Hyundai no doubt has great brand value and Tuscon is also a great product. There is only one thing that disappoints and that's the pricing only. Features on the car are anyday not surely better than the Creta and Hyundai should understand that overpricing is not the way of increasing brand value. Sales are of course less due to this reason only and now it's upto next generation on how it can bring sales to the company.

Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace

Best SUV for petrolheads but it's not VFM

The German build quality and the TSI motor makes it anyday better than Toyota Fortuner especially in the petrol version. If Tiguan could have been priced in a better and additional features have been added then surely it would have been even better than competitors. Diesel is surely a miss if you are not a petrolhead but a dieselhead as luxury SUVs are preffered more with a diesel engine.

These are the cars which are very overpriced and if you have any other car in mind then make sure to leave a comment.

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