Ferrari California: A crafted dream

 Ferrari cars have always been a legacy in the Supercar market since Enzo Ferrari began his journey with his sports cars. If talking about the prancing horse then surely it's something that was recommended to used a good luck sign and the company did well. One car that surely impress a lot is surely the Ferrari California which was earlier a naturally aspirated car but later on turned to be Turbocharged. Turbochargers do kick in yo as insane amount of horses are present in Ferrari California like it's other family members. When the manufacturing is shown then surely car enthusiasts go crazy. Is it seriously crazy to watch manufacturing? The answer is surely a yes as California is all about the horse and the horses.

Many of us have heard that power is crazy on Ferrari cars and of course due to massive power to weight ratio. The reason behind this is surely the aluminium alloy used in Ferrari cars. This metal not only plays a role in less weight but surely it has a greater strength too. Many will surely think Ferrari makes tincans after hearing the weight reduction thing but don't be scared as they are all about quality supercars. Whenever it goes to to Maranello facility for other jobs then, the body parts are first inspected and then processes like coating and other things are done before painting the body. Paint job has a lot of colour options however the best one is surely the Rosso Corsa. If you are confused with name then it's nothing but actually the Italian name for the attractive red colour.

Ferrari California T
The Ferrari California T with it's capabilities is always a kick-ass to own

One thing many might not know but the V8 engine used to be Ferrari requires a lot of care when it's being assembled. Pistons do have requirement to be placed in correct slots which technicians verify through computers but before that lubrication is done to reduce friction. Separate lines of V8 and V12 engines are their for assembly of engines for respective models at the Maranello facility. The turbocharger that was there in the Ferrari California T was made from Japan and of course it has a role to let more air pass in the V8 engine and increase performance. Efficiency surely kicked in yo as you will surely go mad with the car.  The California used to come with F1 inspired dual clutch transmission and of course we had double wishbone multilink suspension to be used in the car. Through electromagnetic process, engine and drivetrain is being assembled after both engine and drivetrain are ready to be attached.

Ferrari California convertible
It would be fun if you are on a journey with a Ferrari California convertible

Ferrari gives its customers a lot of choices in terms of Interior that we also had with the Ferrari California. Seats have an option for partially electric and fully electric so one can go as per the choice. Rooftop is retractable and enjoying sunny weather can't be missed so that's of course an attraction in Ferrari supercars which the replacement model Portofino also gets. Fot the convertible top, the hydraulic system is verified for functioning before it becomes a final thing. After a lot of processes, the beast is finally prepared to hit the roads.  Many might not be able to afford a Ferrari but surely fan following is still a crazy one. Exhaust not used to be very crazy with California when it was available in the Indian market before the Portofino kicked in yo as the new entry level model from the brand. Maranello was the first facility from where the first ever Ferrari also came out. Hoping in a very simple language and short paragraph, you got an idea about how the Ferrari California was made as in the same way other models too are manufactured except for the LaFerrari made up of Carbon.

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