Kia Sonet iMT Test drive review

A great day always starts with a great car which just suits your driving. When it comes to a great car, we do have Kia Sonet iMT which is a very great and here is a test drive review of the beast.

Kia Sonet Exterior

Kia Sonet images
The Kia Sonet images show that it's wild  by design

The Kia Sonet is a car that is of course very much wild by design. There was a new logo that was being resigned but unfortunately it does not suit the profile of the car very much. In the Kia Sonet images clicked by me, the logo was older one which was just better suited with looks of the car. Tiger nose grille gives it a sportier look and the lights are very much inspirational from the concept model. Design is where Kia surely shines and that's the same thing which also made the elder brother Seltos also phenomenal.

Kia Sonet price in delhi
The Kia Sonet price in delhi and NCR is worth the value you get from the car

Alloy wheels on the car have a great design philosophy and red accent on wheel cap makes it attractive like Seltos. Whatever Kia showed in concept model at Auto Expo 2020 what they delivered to us. If someone can't buy Seltos or want a compact SUV then this younger brother of Seltos is the one to consider as there is no doubt in saying that both resemble each other.

Kia Sonet price in india
The Heartbeat taillamps are very much attractive

If there is one thing that attracts a strong road presence then the LED heartbeat taillamps surely catch your attention very well. Kia is anyday just better than sister brand Hyundai in Designs because Hyundai just makes very polarizing designs. 

Kia Sonet Interior

Kia Sonet imt
The Kia Sonet iMT is phenomenal from inside

The Kia Sonet iMT has a very much phenomenal interior in comparison to the Hyundai sibling Venue. Screen of the car has a 10.25-inches display which features all the connected car technology by UVO. If one needs to know features of this car then surely features have a very long list. Plastic quality is decent and doesn't feel very much cheaper from inside. Window area is large which makes the cabin feel open.

Kia Sonet htx
Rear Space is just average 

The space is very much average on the Kia Sonet because it still has space for passengers with average height. If you are a healthy adult it's great for seating four people including two people at front and two at the rear.

Kia Sonet drive experience

Kia Sonet Automatic
Driving experience is very much smooth

The drive experience is just great and there is no second thought about it. I personally drove the Kia Sonet iMT and found gearshifting very much smooth. The turbo petrol engine is refined in a way you can still hear co-passengers very easily. There is no clutch on the offer so driving is quite convenient especially during heavy traffic. Steering wheel on the car is perfect for everyday use and offers great manouvering due to which you don't need to gym hard while turning the car. If you are someone who drives uphill from basement to the exit  everyday then surely the Kia Sonet iMT will not be a trouble due to great amount of torque on the offer. It's personally recommended for those who want something convenient to drive but enjoy gearshifting on the highways. Braking is also not an issue as it gets to ideal position without any trouble. Many people say that suspension is hard but as per my experience I didn't face any issues especially when it comes to speed breakers.

Kia Sonet safety

If honestly talking about safety then build quality is decent as door offers decently loud thud. There are a lot of safety features on the Kia Sonet however build quality could even get more better otherwise it's perfect in almost everything. 

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