Renault kwid amt test drive review

 A compact SUV is the one that has a lot of excitement when it comes to driving if your engine is fun to drive. There are a lot of people who prefer a small car because of fuel efficiency and budget in which one can own it. If there is one hatchback that has style and in a budget then surely Renault kwid can surely be a very great choice. Here is a review after driving the Renault kwid AMT. 

Renault Kwid exterior

Renault Kwid rxl
The Renault Kwid does have very great looks

The design of the Renault Kwid do attract the younger generation a lot because facelifted one looks much better due to DRL position which is being done well. If you love limiter editions then surely Climber is the best in terms of looks. Everyone has own taste but the Kwid meets them perfectly. The pre-facelift was not very attractive from the front but the latest one surely grabs a lot of eyeballs.

reviews for renault kwid
The reviews for renault kwid has a lot of positivity 

The wheel caps do make you feel like alloy wheels are installed so aftermarket alloy wheels are not a requirement when you own the climber variant. A young college will surely be more attracted towards this one more than Spresso as it's something that do little bit appears like a bold car. One thing that I personally like is the roof rails that are of course not for holding weight for but making the Renault Kwid a phenomenal looking car.

Is renault kwid automatic
The LED taillamps attract a very great presence

The electric version sold in China is also very similar to the ICE version Kwid that is being sold in India. Maruti Suzuki should learn from Renault on how to make a car look attractive like Kwid. Where one way Maruti Suzuki is spoiling looks of cars, Renault is improving on looks and also on mass market products. Their focus on mass market had benefitted Kwid also due to which it's a great product with everything one wants.

Renault Kwid Interior

Renault Kwid India price
The Renault Kwid India price is justified as per what it offers in it's segment

The interior has a lot of storage spaces making it a very much practical car for everyday use in cities. Touchscreen has of course Android auto and apple car play and sound quality is decent as per the segment from the music system. Reverse camera is a great offering where the Spresso lacks but the othe competitor Redigo gets that feature. Instrument cluster is just very much better due to digital display on the offer. Interior does not feel claustrophobic due to bigger windscreen and windows that offer great visibility. Rear power windows are a feature that Renault offers in the Kwid making it a most VFM package. The AMT dial is quit cool white does offer decent practicallity but not as great as the stick shift automatic transmission.

Renault Kwid test drive

If you are an enthusiast then surely AMT is not at all recommended as it's more oriented towards convenience and not performance from engine. Pick the manual if you want to extract performance from the 1-liter engine. If you are an enthusiast then anyday Spresso is better due to better power to weight ratio but safety is lacking in Maruti cars. The ORVMs have a great visibility so of course no tention while changing lanes. The Kwid is otherwise a very convenient car for traffic situation and AMT is a must if traffic is your everyday enemy towards your travel. Steering wheel is convenient and has great comfort for cities making it a perfect city car. Braking is not an issue as it brakes perfectly. If you everyday travel through bumps and speed breakers then ride is not very stiff. Horn is on a harder side so Renault must work on making the horn easy to press otherwise loudness is great. The noise from the engine is not much if you drive at lower speeds. Driving an AMT from basement to exit is great and the car doesn't roll back but it's not fast in climbing slopes.

Renault Kwid safety

Safety is Just great and you get dual airbags and ABS on offer. The Renault Kwid RXL and the base Variant now also feature basic safety features. Build quality is decent as per the segment but it would be great if Renault makes it even more safer like the Brazillian and African version.

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