Things to hate about modern cars in India

 The Indian market has shown a very progressive growth when it comes to new brands entering the market. There Used to be a time when Manufacturers had hesitated to enter India but that's not the case anymore. A lot of things are now there ok which manufacturers are very much comprising especially when it comes to major car manufacturing companies.

Design language

The Alto K10 was just anyday a better car than Spresso

After seeing some of the cars from major manufacturers like Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai, it's like they enjoy making the cars with the the worst designs ever. Maruti launched a replacement model Spresso for Alto K10 which is just very much bad in terms of looks. One would surely miss the Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 which was anyday more appealing to young generation buyers. The same case is with cars like facelifted Baleno and new model of Hyundai Creta. The facelift of Baleno is complely unappealing and new Creta is not as bolder as previous generation. A person who is buying a car like a young college student would expect appealing designs. 


The Grand i10 Nios followed the path of Swift in Global NCAP by being unsafe

A Maruti Suzuki Swift in its first generation is still better than new generation in safety as new models have got a poor crash test rating. Hyundai and Kia also followed same practice and the result is that Kia Seltos scored a very poor safety rating and same also goes with Hyundai Grand i10 Nios. This is something a manufacturer must not neglect. Tata and Mahindra still make safer cars and Maruti at least must learn how to make safer cars. It's not only fault of Manufacturers but everyone wants a fuel efficient car but safety is not a priority. Both consumers and producers must start prioritising safety otherwise unsafe cars would save money but not life.

Driving feel

Honda Civic eighth generation
The eighth generation Civic was anyday better than what Honda sells abroad

The eighth generation Honda Civic which Honda used to sell in India was just better than the last generation they sold. If a VTEC doesn't have performance like the Jazz which lacks on performance then surely its not a Honda. It's only a Honda City which still has performance. The last generation was mated to CVT in petrol which made it a very nonsense sedan in driving. Not only Honda but even cars like MG Hector have not very great performance however features are appreciated. The electric cars in India are now expected to provide a zippy driving experience however the sounds from petrol and diesel will be missed. 

Rebadging a car

Urban Cruiser
Rebadging is not at all fair as Toyota can do much better

Nowadays whatever Suzuki does is what Toyota follows. There are cars like Toyota Glanza and Toyota Urban Cruiser which are just rebadged and doesn't have feel of a Toyota. The Toyota cars like Corolla Altis, Yaris, Etios twins, etc have just excelled in terms of safety. The manufacturer is now planning to even launch a rebadged Ciaz with the name of Belta which is the most nonsense thing that a manufacturer can do to increase sales. Partnership is an okay thing but the same product with a different badging is just not acceptable even if an extra year of warranty is offered. There are some cars Toyota should have considered but they are just very lazy and dependent on Maruti Suzuki for everything in India.

Overpriced products

Toyota Legender
The Legender is phenomenal but very much overpriced

There are a lot of overpriced cars in India which are great but price make them very less VFM. Toyota Fortuner current generation is very sexy in looks and a crazy thing for dieselheads but the car is very overpriced. The Fortuner had shown a little improvement in features but the price bracket is not justified as features are not that much like Ford Endeavour offered in India. Citroen did the same thing and they failed with their first product. A product which is priced for the brand value it has is surely not a great option.

These are the things where modern cars in India give very much negative vibes. Do comment down what's your opinion on the modern cars in India.


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