Toyota Camry Hybrid Review: Perfect Chauffer's Car

 Life is too short to settle for dull cars, especially for those who truly enjoy driving. Being chauffeured every day may seem convenient, but true driving enthusiasts crave the unique experience that only a driver's car can provide. In this review of the Toyota Camry hybrid, we will thoroughly analyze all the aspects that prospective customers will appreciate or potentially dislike about this car.

Toyota Camry Hybrid Review: Exterior Looks of the Car

Toyota Camry Hybrid Exterior

People who prioritize aesthetics over everything will find the Camry appealing for its design language. A car that excels in design, like the Camry, commands a significant road presence similar to the Fortuner. However, for cabbies and chauffeurs, the car's design might not be a priority as their main focus is getting their passengers to their destinations. In terms of dimensions, the Camry feels longer, catering to those who prioritize interior space.

Toyota has put considerable effort into the headlights and taillights, contributing to the timeless appeal of the Camry's design. This suggests that the Camry's aesthetics will stand the test of time and not become outdated.

Toyota Camry Hybrid Review: The Interior and the Features


Toyota Camry hybrid review

Looking at the features, the Camry boasts impressive features although it lacks some advanced ones like ADAS and a 360-degree Parking Camera. While it offers an electric sunroof, even entry-level cars in India have this feature. The comfort inside justifies the price, with excellently cushioned seats and electric adjustments for all seats, adding to the luxurious feel. However, the audio quality is disappointing for the price, despite the presence of a 9-speaker JBL system.


Toyota camry hybrid review

In the 60-lakh price range, a better audio system would be expected to satisfy luxury car owners. The rear of the Camry provides a true luxury experience, with touch-based controls for the audio system and electric seats. The spacious rear is a crucial feature appreciated by those who prefer to relax while being chauffeured. Overall, the Camry earns a positive rating for its practicality.

Toyota Camry Hybrid Review: The Driving Feel

Moving on to the driving experience, the Camry's engine exhibits excellent refinement, particularly during ignition. It's a perfect fit for those who enjoy a smooth driving experience without the need for aggressive acceleration. The CVT transmission ensures seamless gear shifts without any jerks. While the performance might not satisfy those seeking immediate torque rushes, the Camry's steering offers great comfort for everyday driving. This makes it suitable for a relaxed driving experience. Additionally, its suspension has a balanced tuning due to there being minimal body roll that one gets to feel on the car. A driver will not feel distracted because of the heads-up display that adds to the practical driving experience.

Safety of the Toyota Camry

Regarding safety, the Camry impresses with its fabulous build quality evident when closing the car door. The price is justified with safety features like front parking sensors and a comprehensive 9-airbag system, adding significant value to the car's safety profile.

The Camry earns a positive rating for its practicality which is the demand of a luxurious car buyer. 

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