Kia Sonet Facelift features: Luxuries on a budget

 Numerous features are available on the Kia Sonet facelift 2024. These features have made their way to compete with Venue and Nexon. What are the new features that one gets to see on the new Sonet? Let’s delve into details to explore the top 5 coolest features of the facelifted Sonet.

1. Electric adjustment for driver seat

Kia Sonet facelift features

The electric adjustment for the driver seat debuted in the Hyundai Venue which directly rivals the Sonet. Kia offers a 4-way adjustment for the driver seat in the Sonet like the sister car Venue. Furthermore, ventilated seats are also carried forward with the new facelifted Sonet making it a captivating choice over the Venue.

2. Remote Control operations for power windows

Kia sonet facelift features

The Sonet is definitely not the first car that offers this feature because even older Volkswagen cars also have this feature. Older Volkswagen cars like Polo, Vento, and Ameo also had this feature. It is useful for those who expect added convenience with just a button press. Kia did a commendable job because this feature allows owners to close windows even if they have forgotten to avoid thefts.

3. Fully digital Instrument cluster

Kia made an update to the instrument cluster of the car by offering a fully digital instrument cluster. Earlier, cars like the XUV700 were the first ones to introduce this feature. The digital instrument cluster is just more of a cosmetic feature but still captivated massive attention. Customers who prioritize cosmetic features can surely pick the Kia Sonet facelift for such cool features.

4. 360-degree Camera

Now, this feature is something that’s not even available on the Hyundai Venue. Earlier, Tata Nexon was the first car in its segment to get those features on the facelifted model. The 360-degree camera is a benefit for new drivers who are currently learning to drive a car. Those who are looking forward to opting for the feature can prefer GTX Plus and the X-Line variants of the Sonet.

5. Autonomous Driver assist systems

This was one of the most expected features that Kia has finally introduced in the Sonet. Currently, there are ten ADAS features present on the Sonet making it one of the safest cars in its segment. The crossover gets level-1 ADAS features including Forward collision warning, Lane keep assist, etc. It’s not the first time Kia is offering ADAS in its budget car. They sell the Rio in the international markets with ADAS features which have finally debuted in the Sonet.

These were some of the features that make the Sonet a better pick over the Hyundai venue and the other rivals in the market. Which feature is most attractive according to you? Do write your opinions in the comments section which welcomes personal opinions from all the readers.

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