Tata Safari BNCAP Rating: How many stars?

The Tata Safari and the Harrier have massive popularity in the market for their safety. Just take any Tata car for crash test and it will do well in the market. Now, the question is safety of the vehicle and its assessment. The BNCAP rating is out for Tata Safari and Tata Harrier and here is what the safety assessment programme has to say about it.

Tata Safari BNCAP Rating 

Tata Safari BNCAP Rating
Image Source: Bharat NCAP

Tata Safari and Tata Harrier are the first Indian cars that recieved BNCAP rating. BNCAP published it report for the side pole test and the frontal impact test. Here, both the SUVs showed exceptional performance with 5-star safety rating for adult and child occupants. Bharat NCAP stated in its report that the chest protection was marginal for the driver and excellent for the co-passengers. Furthermore, side pole test was also exceptional as the Safari and Harrier have shown excellent performance in those tests. This gives indication about excellent safety of both the cars.

Tata Safari BNCAP Rating: What other manufacturers can do to get such rating?

Any car which needs 5-star rating must score exceptional rating in BNCAP. Additionaly, some other requirements are addition of seat belt reminder and Electronic stability Control are also necessary for this type of rating. Manufacturers must also work on side impact test of a car alongwith pedestrian protection. These points justify if a can achieve a 5-star rating or not during crash test.

Upcoming Cars for BNCAP Rating 

BNCAP is already in the process of testing cars like the Kia Sonet and the Hyundai Tucson. One can expect that BNCAP will soon publish crash test results for these cars too alongwith other cars it will test.

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