Toyota Fortuner Legender First Drive Impressions

 The Toyota Fortuner Legender was one of the best SUVs that Toyota launched in the Indian market. We often call it an overpriced tank but my experience says that the Fortuner is a beast in its segment. I am not promoting Toyota as a brand, but the Fortuner impressed me with its exceptional driving feel. Let's discuss how the Fortuner feels when driving the car for the first time.

Toyota Fortuner Legender: The Looks

Toyota Fortuner Legender

The Fortuner is undoubtedly the best-looking SUV in its segment and has a stellar road presence that makes it the king of Indian roads. That was also present in the older generation of the Fortuner. Toyota Fortuner is a true example of why design matters in the automotive industry and how manufacturers should design a car. Let me be clear that the Fortuner sells well because of its looks. Those manufacturers who compromise on looks must learn from Toyota how to develop a beast for the Indian market.

The Features on the offer

Toyota Fortuner Interior

Well, the Fortuner is both a hit and a miss if one compares it with the Gloster in features. There is no ADAS or panoramic sunroof on offer with the SUV. It still gets features like connected car tech, electric seats with ventilation function, Toyota's audio system with decent audio quality, etc. Toyota should have retained the JBL audio system in the Fortuner if one considers its premium pricing. All the features work well on the car, making it one of the most reliable options in its segment. The features are indeed fewer but their reliability justifies the premium price tag.

Another feel-good factor is the sufficient rear space in the second row suitable for healthy adults. Toyota just needs to work on the third row to accommodate healthier adults. 

Going ahead to drive the Beast

Toyota Fortuner 2024

Most people buying the Fortuner prefer it because of its powerful 2.8-liter diesel engine that offers 500 Nm of torque. Now, that's something one will feel after hitting the accelerator as the Fortuner doesn't fail to impress with its performance. There is some body roll that one gets to feel, making it feel nervous at the lower speeds. The hydraulic steering of the Fortuner is the best part because it offers a good feel and feedback. One will not feel the lack of response from the steering wheel of the Fortuner. Another feel-good factor of the Fortuner is the ride quality. There are fewer instances that one will feel the potholes on the Indian roads.

I recommend the automatic variant of the Fortuner for its smoother gear shifts. Many of us have questions about the brakes where the Fortuner impressed a lot in cities. One will not feel that the brakes lack on the response in the cities.

The Final Conclusion

Toyota Fortuner images

Many of us criticize the Fortuner for its price tag and the lack of features. There is no other competitor that can beat the reliability of the Fortuner. This makes it a perfect choice over rivals like the Gloster and the Meridian. Toyota even offers cheaper services for a Fortuner, making it a luxury car with lower maintenance costs. That's shocking if your luxury SUV offers maintenance equivalent to your budget crossover. Ownership experience and driving experience make Fortuner a household name in luxury cars.

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