Harley Davidson India operations shutting down

After struggling too much in the Indian market Harley Davidson India is shutting down many of its operations in India due to which the American cruiser manufacturer will no longer be able to manufacture the classy and sportier-looking bikes like Harley Davidson 883 Iron which is a very popular sporty cruiser in India and enthusiasts love the Iron 883 very much because a student in a college who is a buying enthusiast often dreams that he or she will own a Harley Davidson 883 iron.

What are the models of Harley Davidson?

Harley Davidson India
Harley Davidson India operations to shut down

Harley Davidson India is very well known for its popular models like the Harley Davidson iron 883 and also the Harley Davidson street 750 which are their very popular models in India and their models used to range from a starting price of 5.88 lacs ex-showroom. After that, they were planning to launch an entry level motorcycle that would be cheaper than the Harley Davidson street 750 and also other new bikes like iron 1200 however the launches are now being cancelled for now and there will be now focused on the global markets only.

What about the employees working in the country??

harley davidson livewire
Here is the Harley Davidson livewire that was their electric vehicle revealed in 2014

It had been revealed that their business model will be changing as their will be several service centres and offices that will reduce especially in the National Capital Region Gurugram but still for the contract term there will be services to the current owners that will be offered however the employees would be required to face a led off as shutting down of the Harley Davidson India firms will lead to 2000 employees to leave their jobs. As per the restructuring plan, they will exit India so that they focus on the core markets like the United States of America and will retain a restructuring of 169 million dollars.

Is it still possible to buy Harley Davidson models in India??

harley davidson models
Harley Davidson models might be available to buy in India

If a person has a dream of buying a Harley Davidson in India then Hero motor corp is dealing with Harley Davidson India so that their bikes can be imported and enthusiasts can buy them however there is one more option that Harley Davidson models will be available in the second-hand market of two-wheelers however the servicing would be very difficult shutting down of operations in India will lead to increase in the costs of spare parts as if the cruisers again make a comeback then they will be through CBU only if Hero motor corp agrees to import them in India.


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