Suzuki Burgman Street 125 BS6 walk around review

 India is a market where two-wheelers often struggle to sell as cars are no more considered premium utility vehicles which could only be afforded by elites. There are still many people who own two-wheelers as for many people cars are not easy to maintain due to which many scooters like the Activa, Access 125, etc.are popular but when it comes to premium 125cc scooters Suzuki Burgman street 125 is a very popular alternative to scooters like Honda Grazia, TVS Ntorq, and many more.

How does it look??

The Suzuki Burgman street 125 gets luxurious LED headlamps

The Suzuki Burgman street 125 gets a full LED headlamp setup that looks great and will also attract the young teenagers who want something sportier as the Access 125 scooter does not sound very great to everyone. When the Suzuki Burgman street 125 is faired against its competitor TVS Ntorq it will sound a little simplistic in comparison to that scooter that gets very sportier graphics. From the front angle, there is also a windshield that can be observed that no only enhances looks but while riding excess air can also be prevented by cutting through the rider.

suzuki burgman street
There is an option of a sportier exhaust muffler with Suzuki Burgman Street

In terms of the sportiness, it is very difficult to say that Suzuki Burgman Street 125 does not look sportier because there is an option of a sportier exhaust muffler with this scooter due to which a young teenager or a young enthusiast who wants to ride in the streets of Gurugram will never find it very simplistic in terms of the looks and a stronger road presence can also be attracted from this scooter. The blue color shade in which the Suzuki Burgman Street 125 gets develops a feeling of being premium with the sporty elements that are being added.

suzuki burgman street images
The Suzuki Burgman Street gets an LED taillamp setup at the rear

Coming to the rear of the Suzuki Burgman Street the taillamp is a rear combination lamp that comes with LEDs on the offer.

Riding and comfort

suzuki burgman street india
Suzuki Burgman Street has a well oriented comfortable riding position

There are no complaints about the riding position of the Suzuki Burgman street because this scooter was developed by Suzuki for those who cannot ride sportier or performance-oriented bikes and there is also a comfortable seat that can accommodate both the rider and the pillion comfortably. For starting the scooter there is no kick-starter as this one comes with a self-starter on the offer. Aluminum footpegs are there on the offer so that a pillion can comfortably keep his or her foot. On the front, there are telescopic forks on the offer and the rear comes with a swing arm suspension setup. An adult who is above 50 years of age and is suffering from any kind of physical disability has a flexible foot position that is not there in many bikes as they are for enthusiasts who are physically fit to ride them but the Suzuki Burgman street would be great for them.

suzki burgman street price
With the Suzuki Burgman street 125, there is a digital instrument cluster 

Like the Suzuki Gixxer SF bike, the scooter has an option of a fully digital instrumental cluster that comes with multiple information displays. Storage is the main concern that everyone has so for storage the premium scooter gets 21.5 liters of under-seat space.

Engine performance

The Suzuki Burgman Street 125 offers very decent performance in comparison to the other 125cc premium scooters like the TVS Ntorq as the Ntorq generates 9PS of power whereas the Burgman Street 125 generates 8.7 PS of power but when compared to the Honda Grazia it generates 8.25PS of power that is a little bit less than this scooter. For the mileage, the scooter comes with Suzuki SEP technology with a fuel injection system that delivers better mileage than the TVS Ntorq but Honda's Eco performance technology with fuel injection offers less performance but there is more fuel efficiency in the engine. This scooter comes with a CVT transmission that will be very suitable for young teenagers due to gearless nature as it is convenient and RTO will allow young teenagers to legally ride this scooter. If a person wants both mileage and performance this scooter is the one that should be preferred.

Suzuki Burgman Street price

The price for the scooter is 79,581 ex-showroom Gurgaon if a person wants to consider this scooter however there will be variations in the ex-showroom prices according to different states and districts.


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