Lexus ES300h First Drive Impressions: Only Hybrid You need

 The Japanese carmaker Lexus is very well established in terms of reliability and the luxurious feel of their vehicles. It just feels amazing when one just feels a Lexus car. Now, the question is how does the Lexus ES300h feel in terms of driving? Here, in the post, you will be getting first-drive impressions of the premium sedan.

Looks of the Lexus ES300h

Lexus ES300h

Lexus cars boast exquisite designs, with its premium sedan standing out notably. The spindle grille and captivating lights effortlessly draw attention. some of its noteworthy exterior features include headlight washers, enhancing the car's luxurious feel. In comparison to their German rivals, Lexus cars possess a unique allure for their design language. The ES300h sedan, in particular, showcases phenomenal aesthetics, from its stellar side profile to its impressive rear view. Every angle highlights the car's remarkable design that will grab the attention of car enthusiasts and luxury sedan lovers.

What's on the inside?

Lexus ES300h interior

The ES300h sedan boasts numerous features, including a heads-up display and the Mark Levinson sound system. Its heads-up display proves particularly convenient for obtaining information from the instrument panel. Furthermore, the car's interior quality justifies its price, providing an amazing experience. Lexus offers Mark and Levinson speakers that deliver decent audio quality adding more to its exceptional driving experience. The ES300h effectively manages interior space, offering a spacious feel. Noteworthy safety features include front parking sensors to prevent collisions. Additionally, it also features a high-quality reverse camera, enhancing both convenience and safety.

In conclusion, for those who are looking for something that has great features then ES300h is an excellent choice with its premium features like electric seats and many more features.

Drive Experience of the ES300h

ES300h rear

The ES300h sedan prioritizes a smooth driving experience through its hybrid powertrain. With an impressive fuel efficiency of 24 km, luxury car enthusiasts will undoubtedly appreciate this feature. To truly enjoy the driving experience, simply place the left foot on the brake and the right foot on the accelerator. Its hybrid powertrain not only delivers efficiency but also showcases remarkable refinement on the inside, creating an experience that is bound to captivate. For those who value a relaxed driving atmosphere over dynamic performance, the ES300h is an ideal choice. The acceleration at city speeds is impressive, and the well-sorted dynamics minimize body roll.

Additionally, its light steering wheel at city speeds adds to the calmness of the drive. Smooth gearshifts without jerks contribute to an overall enjoyable driving experience. To truly grasp the feel of driving a Lexus car, it's recommended to experience it firsthand.

Safety of the Sedan

ES300h side

Well, Euro NCAP did a crash test of the car where it got a 5-star rating for its safety in the market. It's uncertain if the safety ratings are also applicable in India but still one can expect good safety. There are 10 airbags that one gets on offer with the ES300h. The premium sedan does feel well built if one opens and closes the door of the car.

Some FAQs about the Lexus ES300h

Q. Is Lexus ES 300h reliable?

The answer is that the ES300h is a reliable car when it comes to its Japanese engineering.

Q. Is the Lexus 300h economical?

The ES300h is an economical car because of the hybrid powertrain that offers excellent fuel efficiency.

Q. What engine is in the es300h?

The ES300h comes with a 2.5-liter, 4-cylinder petrol engine that generates 215 BHP of power and 221 Nm of torque.

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