Mahindra XUV700 Diesel: Worth in 2023?

 Mahindra XUV700 gained massive popularity and demand in the Indian market for its features and performance. Many people who demand a safer and fun car can get an SUV. Now, the question arises is the Mahindra XUV700 Diesel worth buying in 2023? We recommend you keep reading the post to further clarify your doubts. 

Performance of the Mahindra XUV700 Diesel

Mahindra XUV700 Diesel

There are a lot of people who appreciate diesel engines from Mahindra for their punchy driving experience. Anyone who wants something that offers an excellent torque delivery can get the Diesel version of the XUV700. Just hit the accelerator and feel the punch of the Diesel engine. One would actually forget the Petrol engines after driving a Diesel XUV700. I personally drove the Automatic version with a diesel engine and no doubt the car gave smoother gearshifts. Some noise kicks in on revving harder but that whistling noise will still excite the automotive enthusiasts. Braking response is also just excellent when one drives the car making the XUV700 a stellar choice. Those who are looking for a powerful diesel car can get the XUV700 Diesel. It's definitely a no-nonsense car for its power delivery.

Ride and Handling of the XUV700


One thing that you notice during the drive is the steering wheel which adds very much to the convenience of driving. There is definitely some weight that kicks in higher speed but the feel and feedback are just decent. The steering wheel does weigh up at higher speeds but still, it's not a very dynamic steering wheel. Ride and handling balance are also amazing as the body roll feels very less inside the XUV700. Overall, we are impressed by the XUV700 for its driving experience.

Features of the XUV700 Diesel

Mahindra XUV700 Diesel

There are numerous things that will impress people including the features of the car. Mahindra has an array of features that are present on the XUV700 including ADAS and many other features. Our take on infotainment would be that the response could have been better and sharper. It's not that bad an update in response would make it even better. The sound system by Sony is just stellar if one talks about the sound quality of the car. Those who are music lovers will love the sound system with the Sony speakers on the top variant of the car. Rest, some additional features like ADAS and the Electronic parking brake will impress people who appreciate cars with an array of features.

Is the Diesel better than Petrol?

XUV700 Rear

The petrol engine is also very much powerful but the thing is that the petrol engine will deliver lesser fuel efficiency than the diesel. Those who drive maximum on the highways should get the diesel XUV700, A Petrol engine would be a worthy choice if one will drive mostly in the cities and running is less than 10 kilometres per day. It would be worth it if one gets a Diesel engine for highway drives and the capable diesel engine has an excellent capacity to overtake other cars on the highway.

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