Lykan Hypersport: The Beauty from Fast and Furious

 Those who are crazy about and Fast and Furious series know what cars the characters and what cars jump off the buildings. It’s just crazy watching them due to which even our team also loves the series. Today in this post, we have some coolest facts to share about the Lykan Hypersport which is just the jack of hearts for car enthusiasts.

1. First Hypercar from the Middle East

Lykan Hypersport
Image Source: W Motors

Mostly, we get to see supercars and hypercars on the streets of the UAE, as many rich people buy such cars for their performance. No Middle Eastern manufacturer could build a supercar. A company named W-Motors entered the real world, filled with hypercars. The Lykan Hypersport came as a result of the first supercar made by a company from the Middle East that was founded in Lebanon in 2012. Thanks to Ralph R. Debbas, who found a company that could produce world-class hypercars.

2. Greatest Cop car in Dubai

Now, all those who are car enthusiasts are aware of the fact that Dubai police employees are supercars. Lykan Hypersport is one of those supercars that Dubai police use for patrolling purposes in Middle Eastern countries. In Dubai, one should actually beware that police cars are so advanced that they can easily catch criminals.

3. Only Limited to 7 Units

Lykan Hypersport
Image Source: W Motors

Now, one thing that W Motors did was make only 7 units of the car, while only 6 units were reserved for customers. One unit among the seven was only reserved for the Dubai police. This made the vehicle one of the most rare hypercars to be available in the Middle East.

4. An Icon from Fast and Furious 7

Anyone who watched Fast and Furious 7 clearly remembers the last Fast and Furious movie where Paul Walker’s character made a final appearance. Anyone who watched Fast and Furious 7 clearly remembers the last Fast and Furious movie where Paul Walker’s character made a final appearance. Dominic Torreto said in the movie “Time to Unleash the Beast” that one will get to see the Hypercar jumping the skyscrapers in Abu Dhabi. Paul Walker’s character Brian gave a crazy reaction by saying, “Dom cars don’t fly,” due to which the scene deserves crazy watchtime. Those who want to witness the power of the beast have to watch Fast and Furious 7 for that amazing action.

5. It’s not just Fast but also Furious

Image Source: W Motors. 

Anything that's about performance is definitely a Lykan Hypersport with crazy power figures and specifications. If talking about horsepower, then its horsepower was 780 BHP, and it can do 0–60 mph in just less than 3 seconds. Additionally, if someone needs a manual transmission with the hypercar, there is the option of a 6-speed manual and a 7-speed PDK transmission, also seen on Porsche cars. These power figures make it one of the most exotic hypercars, which makes car enthusiasts go crazy for it.

6. The Amazing Swan doors on Lykan Hypersport

Image Source: W Motors

The Hypercar is just not a car to look out for in the books. It’s a machine that’s beyond the imagination of the comic books. The Swan doors are very much unique because of their opening position making them look stellar by design on the Hypercar. Many new companies launch only cars but W Motors launched an icon.  That’s something Fast and Furious lovers can understand very well.

7. Coolest features of the Lykan Hypersport

Image Source: W Motors

Currently, most supercars on the market get a touchscreen infotainment system on the higher car variants. Now, just imagine that there are no touchscreens or physical buttons on the infotainment system, so isn’t there any infotainment system on the Hypercar? The answer is that there is a hologram-based audio system. Here, one has to use gestures instead of any physical button or screen. Some other cool features include LED headlights with 440 diamonds, making it one of the most exotic cars on earth.

8. Cost of the Lykan Hypersport

Image Source: W Motors

Anything rare on earth is something only millionaires can buy in India. W Motors, even though it is making entry into the Indian market. They have to, however, give up the plan, as no one in India could ever buy a hypercar worth 3.4 million dollars. Only the richest people from developed countries could afford such cars.

What’s your opinion about the Lykan Hypersport? Do you guys think India should also make its own Supercar? Let us know about your opinions in the comments section. 

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