Mahindra Scorpio New Model Wheel Joint Dislocated

Indian brands like Tata and Mahindra have been successful for economic growth. Here, there have been questions about their reliability. Let's delve into the details of an incident involving a new model of Mahindra Scorpio that questions their reliability.

Mahindra Scorpio New Model: Details of the Incident

Here, the case involves the owner Vibhakar Mishra and the ScorpioN, whose wheel joint got dislocated on the highway. This happened when the owner was driving straight on the highway with his family, and suddenly, his car collided with steel barriers on the highway. This incident created questions because the owner lost one leg on the highway.  Later on, the police also investigated the case and started to harass the owner.  They said that there would be a case against the owner for drunk driving if he doesn't change his statement, which is again a bad thing. Owner tried to contact dealer and customer but didn't got proper solution. Earlier, the same vehicle also goen through inspection at service centre for grinding noise while making a turn. These facts are something Mr Vibhakar Mishra revealed to Prateek Singh, a content creator on YouTube.


Statement issued by Mahindra

Mahindra Scorpio New Model

As per the brand, the issue involved overspending on the highway. This speed has a quotation of 105 kmph as per the brand on the highway. Furthermore, Mahindra quoted this as a high-impact collision that led to the detachment of the joint. This was not true, as the owner said that this happened before the collision with the steel barriers.


Our take on the case

We don't have any hatred for Mahindra as a brand. They do make safer cars with a 5-star safety rating and offer powerful engines. Here, the issue is that the Indian Police and the brand are not addressing the issue. A recommendation to all readers is that you shouldn't just buy a car because it's from an Indian brand. Buy a car because of its safety and reliability. Rest, there should have been a representative from Mahindra who should have called the owner and offered some support for the incident. Another thing is that Mahindra must recall ScorpioN to rectify the issue. This is a serious matter and Mahindra must inspect it's batches to prevent accidents.

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