Toyota Yaris production discontinued in India

 The Sedan market is already been in a bad shape these days which led to decline in sales of many Sedans. A lot of sedans have been discontinued as SUVs are being preffered more in the Indian markets. One of the sedans that Toyota had recently phased out of production is the Toyota Yaris as they are about to launch a rebadged version of Ciaz.

Why did the Toyota Yaris fail?

There were several reasons which led to failure of the Yaris. Firstly, sedans like Honda City and Hyundai Verna were dominant in the Indian market in terms of sales in the segment of Yaris. Maruti Ciaz also sold in decent numbers but the Yaris lacked in sales. Secondly, it lacked the charm of a Toyota car as it didn't feel very fun to drive in it's petrol avatar. The Yaris was more oriented towards comfort and convenience. Build Quality was also great and even lower Variants featured 7 airbags which was a decent thing but people still preferred Ciaz because Maruti cars sell better than Toyota. There is of course no concept of safety that do disappoint a lot due to which even less safe cars sell in India. Honda City and Hyundai Verna were fun to drive due to VTEC by Honda and CRDI by Hyundai. There was of course no diesel engine on offer which people preferred in India and that's where Verna had an advantage. There could have been something like a Yaris GR which could have made it a charm against competitors however Toyota is not active these days in launches of products in lower segments.

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Toyota Belta as a replacement sedan

The Toyota Belta is nothing but a rebadged Ciaz which is just not a perfect replacement for the Yaris. There is nothing that can be done unfortunately as this is something they are doing just to increase sales which is just not acceptable. There could have been no products that Toyota launched since a long time from their international portifolio. Their capabilities are great in the international markets but not in India anymore like before these days. Their rebadged Glanza and Urban Cruiser bought them sales but that's not something which can be called a Toyota thing and same goes with Belta. Belta is just something that Maruti sells as Ciaz and people buy it so there is of course no point in replacing a better product with a rebadged car. Toyota should instead consider focusing on launching products that are in demand like hatchbacks and SUVs.

Can one still buy Yaris in India

Recently, dealerships are just focussing on clearing the stocks which they have with them for the car. Mostly cars that are available are the lower Variants like the Toyota Yaris J  and the Toyota Yaris G model with less features. To know which variants are available then one must consult the nearby dealerships as soon as possible. There are also owners on Facebook groups who are selling their cars so one can buy them as per their choice in cheaper costs. The information for discontinued production car is recieved from facebook groups where several owners tried to book the car but didn't able to book due to Toyota now getting Belta. A lot of people will surely be concerned about reliability but no worries as Toyota is well known for its reliability and spare parts so not an issue even if it's bought afterr it's being discontinued from the market.

Toyota Yaris Price in India

The Toyota Yaris price in India starts around 10 lakhs for the base variant however discounts can also be offered if one gets some benefits on the price from the dealership. You can even ask them to install some accessories that base models do not get in order to be satisfied with the variant you are getting.

Toyota Yaris G
The Toyota Yaris will surely be a sedan that would be remembered

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